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new year’s eve December 31, 2009

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If that’s not a sassy pic (hand on hip, superfly paper hat), I don’t know what is!  This is from last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

I will do my thing tonight folks, then it’s back on the wagon!  Seriously…I’ve got a dress to get into soon!


au naturel December 30, 2009

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I’ve been around the world and back with this hair of mine.  Like most little Black girls, I had nappy hair that my mom (grudgingly) whipped into shape.  Then (again like most of us) I got my hair chemically straightened and you couldn’t tell me nothing playa!  I was throwing my hair around so much that you would’ve thought I’d get whiplash.  But all isn’t well in relaxer-land, so I decided I wanted to see what kind of hair God blessed me with.

That was in 1998…and I haven’t had a relaxer since.  I went from super short, to dreadlocks, to braids, to where I am now…flat ironing my hair.  It’s definitely been a journey.  That picture up above is from 2004 (can you tell I love to take pictures?!), I’d been locking for about four years at that point.  It’s only been in the last year that I’ve not had dreads or braids, so (keeping it real) I’m relearning how to do my hair.

I get lots of questions about how I’m wearing it for the wedding and I have no idea.  Like the Bible says: no, not one!  I want to look nice on my wedding, but I don’t want to look like a stranger either!  I don’t want folks wondering who that tall lady in the white dress is, lol!  I also want my hair to be manageable because I plan on shaking my tail at the reception, so I can’t be worried about messing up my hair.

If anyone has ideas (and pictures!) of cute wedding hair, I’d love to see them.


from ABC News

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Check this out…got it from over at Chocolate Brides.  It’s a news story about why Black women aren’t getting married, even though we are…but that’s a discussion for another time.


it’s so charming December 29, 2009

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That’s my dress.

One thing I’ve found out about getting engaged is that you don’t actually need an adjective when talking about your wedding dress….it’s just the “dress”.  People ask me if I’ve found a dress.  They ask what the dress looks like…they even ask to see pictures of the dress.  I’m assuming that until I get married, there is no other dress.

I didn’t want to put the full picture up since The Mister is probably gonna read this and I certainly don’t want him to see it.  It’s super cute and fits like a glove (a slightly small glove that I will have to work to get into) and won’t need any alterations.  It’s an off-the-rack dress, but I just found out that it was a “test dress”…which apparently means that there are only a few out there until the company decides whether to make the dress en masse.

This is yet another place where I didn’t do things that I was supposed to do, but in my defense, I don’t have cable so I don’t watch all of those wedding shows on TV.  I didn’t know that picking a dress was a family event…I went by myself.  I didn’t know you were supposed to go to place after place looking for dresses…I bought it at the first store I went to.  I didn’t know that it was supposed to be a ball gown…mine is not.  I didn’t know you were supposed to spend a grip on it…ummm, I didn’t.

On the upside, the dress is bangin’ and I look pretty darn good in it if I must say so myself.  Normally I’m not one to toot my own horn…but toot, toot!


monkeys are cute too December 28, 2009

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This is Cody and he belongs to my brother and his family.  I think Cody is super cute, super fun, and just all around great.  But I don’t want a dog.  I really like playing with other people’s dogs, but I know that I do not want a dog.  Do not.

That’s kind of how I feel about a lot of the things I see in wedding magazines and blogs and whatnot.  I really like seeing all of the things that folks are doing, but I do not want to do them.  Do not.

I’m very excited about the things that The Mister and I have planned for our wedding, I think it’s going to be unique and fun and classy.  I think it’ll be different and I think that’s a good thing.  I’m not keen on decorating for the heck of it or because other folks have done it before…you know what I mean?  I don’t want to have our wedding be about other’s expectations of what “a wedding” should be.

But the other side of this thought is I still want people to have fun…and will they have fun at our quirky wedding?  I worry what they’ll think about the ceremony decorations, and the tea-length dress, and all of the other stuff that we’re doing that’s a bit different.  I know it’s weird to worry about things that 1) I can’t control and 2) we’re gonna do anyway, but I do.


envelopes! December 27, 2009

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So if you’ll remember my (somewhat) embarrassing joy over getting my paper samples for my invitations, it’s only been surpassed by my excitement about my envelopes.

I got the second set of paper printed up and showed The Mister all of the options and he picked his fave.   There were two that I really liked and he picked one of them, so “yay!”.  Now that the paper issue is solved, we’re on to picking envelopes.  Our invitations are a bit unique, so we’ve chosen to be unique with our paper and envelope choices.  So I sent out for five envelope choices that I think may look nice with the paper that we’ve chosen.  We’re visiting my family right now and the main reason I’m excited to get back is that I know the envelopes will be waiting for me when I get back.

The save-the-dates (STD’s…hee, hee) went out last week and the invitations & reply cards will go out (hopefully) at the beginning of March.  I would imagine that there will be no other point in my life where I’m this fired up about stationary.


give it away now December 26, 2009

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I remember watching the movie Father of the Bride and thinking…no way am I getting married and putting my dad through that!               

Of course, I figured that I would get married and my dad would walk down the aisle, we’d do our father-daughter dance, and all would be well with the world.  But then my dad died suddenly.  I mean like I’d talked to him the night before and then the next day there was a message on my phone from the hospital.  Kinda spun my world off kilter for a while.

Not having my dad around for all of the excitement and planning of the wedding has been weird to say the least.  Am I super excited to be marrying The Mister?  Yes!  Am I sad that my dad has never met The Mister?  Yes.  Am I very sad that my dad can’t walk me down the aisle?  Yes.  Am I fired up that my brother will do the honors?  Yes!  See what I mean?  Such a dichotomy of emotions.

I suppose it’s a case of expectations not meeting up with the reality of life.  I’d always just assumed and expected that my dad would be around for my wedding.  Real life has dictated that he’s not…and I’ve got to get right with that.


on sale December 25, 2009

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Getting something on sale is a wonderful thing…it makes me very happy.  Which leads to this pic of our lovely Christmas tree.

I bought this house in the summer of 2008 and realized quickly that the super cute tree that I’d want would give me a small stroke if I had to pay all of that money for it.  So I waited and just didn’t put one up last year and waited for after-Christmas sales.  I got that tree for $20 (original price: $300) and all of the ornaments were 75-90% off! I got ornaments that went for $6 and $7 for $1!  Even though it was a year ago, that fact still makes me smile.

So this should explain why spending so much money for a wedding day is still a bit of a struggle for me.  I’m admittedly cheap frugal and I like to get nice things (sometimes very nice things)…I just don’t want to pay full price for them.  So my nature tells me (and it knows!) that everything goes on sale at some point…you just gotta wait.  I think I’ve done pretty well so far and plan on having the best wedding for The Mister and I…and that means it’ll be perfect.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Eat too much, take a nap, and eat too much again!


anticipation December 24, 2009

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We’re in the advent season, which is when Christians are supposed to look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Sidenote which my potentially bar me from Heaven: imagine if Mary’s virgin birth happened today.  Would Joseph be on Maury Povich for DNA testing?  Would they put baby Jesus’ picture up next to Joseph’s on a split screen to see if they look alike?  Then Maury would get the little envelope and say, “Joseph, you are NOT the father!” and Mary would run off the stage crying and Joseph would holler, “I told you!”.

Oddly enough, there’s a lot more to that bouncing around in my brain, but this post is about the wedding version of advent.  There’s lots of anticipation involved with getting married…who’ll RSVP “yes”, will everything turn out how we’d envisioned it, will the food be yummy, will people dance, will someone act a fool and embarrass the family, will there be a “love connection” at the reception?  So much to look forward to!

And beyond that, after the wedding there’s the anticipation of what married life will be like…what will it be like to introduce The Mister as “my husband”, will the honeymoon go smoothly, how long will it take me to call myself Mrs. The Mister, and the biggie: what does it feel like to be married.  Then houses and kids…and more houses and more kids!  Whew…so much to look forward to!


we didn’t start the fire December 23, 2009

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It’s The Mister’s birthday today!!  Yay!

There are many candles on his cake today (hee, hee…I’m sure he’ll read this), so I plan on removing the fire alarm so we don’t have any issues.

My birthday comes after the wedding.  Maybe I’ll feel like my family members who’ve got Christmas birthdays (The Mister, my mom, my niece, & sis-in-law’s sis)…a bit slighted.

Anyhoo, I’m off…chat with ya later!