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reception centerpieces December 20, 2009

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As I’ve said before, I enjoy my wedding magazines.  They’re an addiction, maybe one day I’ll put up a picture of Mt. Bridal Magazine.  I can justify it though, because I got this idea for our centerpieces from a British wedding mag so that totally makes my magazine consumption worthwhile.

Anyhoo, these cute little containers are representative of what I’ll use for our centerpieces.  I’m ordering flowers wholesale, but I really wanted real flowers and I want a lot of flowers…so wholesale is the way to go.  It took me a few trips to antique shops (where the owners would without fail ask why I was buying so many of these things), Goodwill & Salvation Army stores to get enough for all of the tables.  And since they’ll double as favors for the guests, I needed enough for them too.  After one of my (many) trips to get more of these, The Mister was finally like, don’t you think you have enough?  I have, well, a lot of them.

What’s that I hear?  That’s the voice of reason…stop going to the store Dawn.  But I’m excited about these cute, little containers.  I like that they’re all different and not all matchy-matchy.  I think that they’ll look beautiful (bee-you-tee-ful!) in the old Victorian mansion where we’re holding our reception.

Anyhoo, I’ve got two major DIY projects.  One is for the ceremony and we’ll talk about that later and the other is doing flowers for the wedding and reception.  That means bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and ceremony site.  A wonderful do-it-yourself with the bridesmaids!  There are lots of wholesale places online…and I’ve heard that Sam’s and Costco also have fresh flowers.  I haven’t checked into it, but I’ve also heard that they’ll special order flowers as well.

I love flowers.  They make me smile.  I know that’s stereotypically female, but it’s true.  So I decided early on that it was worth the expense of getting nice, real flowers.  Then I saw how much florists were charging and I put my thinking cap on.  I realized that I didn’t need someone to make the flowers look pretty…they’re flowers!  They’re already pretty!  I just needed flowers…and lots of them.   So I’m doing the wholesale route and the flowers (with those snappy-looking containers above) will be the only decorations for the reception site.

I look at other people’s wedding websites and they’re doing/building/creating all sorts of stuff…surely we can put some flowers in containers and make bouquets and whatnot.  Right?  Right? So, in my efforts to have a sane, practical, and fun wedding…this all seems to fit that criteria.



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Discussion from yesterday:

Dawn: Oh my God, the paper’s here!

The Mister: What?

Dawn:  Paper! Paper! Paper!

The Mister: What are you talking about?

Dawn: Paper! Paper! Paper!

The Mister: *shakes head*

Dawn: *dancing* *jumping* *clapping*

Before July 25th (the big ask), I promise I wouldn’t have been so fired up about a package filled with blank paper…mostly because I wouldn’t have ordered a package full of blank paper.  Now it’s cause for dancing, hooting, and hollering.  We’re having a frugal (but classy, thank you very much) wedding.  That means we’re doing a lot of the details ourselves.  But not in a true DIYer way…because I have neither the time nor the inclination to be cutting and pasting invitations together.

I’ve got a graphic designer friend who’s designed all of our stationary for an incredibly cheap price and we’ll order nice paper online and print it at a Kinko’s or something like that.  It’ll save a significant amount of money without skimping on the niceness of the stationary.

Just last week I’d gone through this routine.  Got the paper, took it to Kinko’s, they printed off the samples for me, and I brought them home to show to The Mister.  He picked his fave (he’s got surprisingly good taste) and all was well with the world.  Or so he thought!  I was like, well if he likes that one…why don’t we order five more that are just like that one (but different!) and make him choose again?!  Ah…the joys of wedding planning.

Anyhoo, though I don’t have the finished product yet, I’d totally recommend this way of doing things.  I had the designer create save the dates, invites & reply cards, thank you’s, programs, and maps…very cheaply.  The paper and envelopes can be found online at any number of websites and you can go to Kinko’s or Staples or whatever and have them print & cut the paper for you.

For you brides out there who want things done well, want them done nicely, but want them done frugally…this is a great option!