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aaahhhh…organization December 22, 2009

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As Baloo (from The Jungle Book) says, it’s all about the bare necessities.  And these are my wedding planning necessities.

At top left, the organizer and budget planner.  Essential at the beginning of this process as I tried to wrap my brain around just how much we could spend.  Also, it’s full of questions to ask vendors…and I ask all of them.  Sometimes I feel badly for them…but I still ask.  Not only is it an organizer and planner, but its got file folders built in (!) so that I can keep all receipts together.

Top right, the book that makes my mom happy…my Emily Post etiquette book, or how not to piss people off and write super authentic thank you notes.

The bottom book is my baby…my idea book.  Though I love Mt. Bridal Magazine, I can’t (and I don’t want to) do everything, so I clip ideas out of magazines and put them in there.  It’s helpful to keep me focused on what my vision for our wedding is and it’s also nice to show to people so that they know what’s going on.

For whatever reason, my employer is still requiring that I work during the planning process, so organization is key and these help me a bunch.



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That’s Princess Tiana…the first Black Disney princess.

I’ll bet that a lot of folks didn’t understand the significance of this…it’s just another cheesey Disney movie (FYI…I love cheesey Disney movies), right?  Well, when you grow up playing with Barbies (that are White) and dolls (that are White) and watching Disney movies with (White) princesses…you start to think that this “princess” thing isn’t for Black folks.  Maybe even this “pretty” thing isn’t for Black girls.

This is kind of how it feels with the wedding industry…you don’t see Black ladies getting married, getting to be a princess for a day, so…?  It’s like that old cliche, if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear…did it really fall?  How about: if a Black couple gets married and there’s no record of it…did it really happen?

According to most experts, our nation’s about to become a lot browner and blacker…can the wedding industry continue to pretend as if we don’t exist?  As if our dollars aren’t still green?  As it we’re insignificant?