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anticipation December 24, 2009

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We’re in the advent season, which is when Christians are supposed to look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Sidenote which my potentially bar me from Heaven: imagine if Mary’s virgin birth happened today.  Would Joseph be on Maury Povich for DNA testing?  Would they put baby Jesus’ picture up next to Joseph’s on a split screen to see if they look alike?  Then Maury would get the little envelope and say, “Joseph, you are NOT the father!” and Mary would run off the stage crying and Joseph would holler, “I told you!”.

Oddly enough, there’s a lot more to that bouncing around in my brain, but this post is about the wedding version of advent.  There’s lots of anticipation involved with getting married…who’ll RSVP “yes”, will everything turn out how we’d envisioned it, will the food be yummy, will people dance, will someone act a fool and embarrass the family, will there be a “love connection” at the reception?  So much to look forward to!

And beyond that, after the wedding there’s the anticipation of what married life will be like…what will it be like to introduce The Mister as “my husband”, will the honeymoon go smoothly, how long will it take me to call myself Mrs. The Mister, and the biggie: what does it feel like to be married.  Then houses and kids…and more houses and more kids!  Whew…so much to look forward to!