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on sale December 25, 2009

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Getting something on sale is a wonderful thing…it makes me very happy.  Which leads to this pic of our lovely Christmas tree.

I bought this house in the summer of 2008 and realized quickly that the super cute tree that I’d want would give me a small stroke if I had to pay all of that money for it.  So I waited and just didn’t put one up last year and waited for after-Christmas sales.  I got that tree for $20 (original price: $300) and all of the ornaments were 75-90% off! I got ornaments that went for $6 and $7 for $1!  Even though it was a year ago, that fact still makes me smile.

So this should explain why spending so much money for a wedding day is still a bit of a struggle for me.  I’m admittedly cheap frugal and I like to get nice things (sometimes very nice things)…I just don’t want to pay full price for them.  So my nature tells me (and it knows!) that everything goes on sale at some point…you just gotta wait.  I think I’ve done pretty well so far and plan on having the best wedding for The Mister and I…and that means it’ll be perfect.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Eat too much, take a nap, and eat too much again!