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envelopes! December 27, 2009

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So if you’ll remember my (somewhat) embarrassing joy over getting my paper samples for my invitations, it’s only been surpassed by my excitement about my envelopes.

I got the second set of paper printed up and showed The Mister all of the options and he picked his fave.   There were two that I really liked and he picked one of them, so “yay!”.  Now that the paper issue is solved, we’re on to picking envelopes.  Our invitations are a bit unique, so we’ve chosen to be unique with our paper and envelope choices.  So I sent out for five envelope choices that I think may look nice with the paper that we’ve chosen.  We’re visiting my family right now and the main reason I’m excited to get back is that I know the envelopes will be waiting for me when I get back.

The save-the-dates (STD’s…hee, hee) went out last week and the invitations & reply cards will go out (hopefully) at the beginning of March.  I would imagine that there will be no other point in my life where I’m this fired up about stationary.