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au naturel December 30, 2009

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I’ve been around the world and back with this hair of mine.  Like most little Black girls, I had nappy hair that my mom (grudgingly) whipped into shape.  Then (again like most of us) I got my hair chemically straightened and you couldn’t tell me nothing playa!  I was throwing my hair around so much that you would’ve thought I’d get whiplash.  But all isn’t well in relaxer-land, so I decided I wanted to see what kind of hair God blessed me with.

That was in 1998…and I haven’t had a relaxer since.  I went from super short, to dreadlocks, to braids, to where I am now…flat ironing my hair.  It’s definitely been a journey.  That picture up above is from 2004 (can you tell I love to take pictures?!), I’d been locking for about four years at that point.  It’s only been in the last year that I’ve not had dreads or braids, so (keeping it real) I’m relearning how to do my hair.

I get lots of questions about how I’m wearing it for the wedding and I have no idea.  Like the Bible says: no, not one!  I want to look nice on my wedding, but I don’t want to look like a stranger either!  I don’t want folks wondering who that tall lady in the white dress is, lol!  I also want my hair to be manageable because I plan on shaking my tail at the reception, so I can’t be worried about messing up my hair.

If anyone has ideas (and pictures!) of cute wedding hair, I’d love to see them.


from ABC News

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Check this out…got it from over at Chocolate Brides.  It’s a news story about why Black women aren’t getting married, even though we are…but that’s a discussion for another time.