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au naturel December 30, 2009

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I’ve been around the world and back with this hair of mine.  Like most little Black girls, I had nappy hair that my mom (grudgingly) whipped into shape.  Then (again like most of us) I got my hair chemically straightened and you couldn’t tell me nothing playa!  I was throwing my hair around so much that you would’ve thought I’d get whiplash.  But all isn’t well in relaxer-land, so I decided I wanted to see what kind of hair God blessed me with.

That was in 1998…and I haven’t had a relaxer since.  I went from super short, to dreadlocks, to braids, to where I am now…flat ironing my hair.  It’s definitely been a journey.  That picture up above is from 2004 (can you tell I love to take pictures?!), I’d been locking for about four years at that point.  It’s only been in the last year that I’ve not had dreads or braids, so (keeping it real) I’m relearning how to do my hair.

I get lots of questions about how I’m wearing it for the wedding and I have no idea.  Like the Bible says: no, not one!  I want to look nice on my wedding, but I don’t want to look like a stranger either!  I don’t want folks wondering who that tall lady in the white dress is, lol!  I also want my hair to be manageable because I plan on shaking my tail at the reception, so I can’t be worried about messing up my hair.

If anyone has ideas (and pictures!) of cute wedding hair, I’d love to see them.


8 Responses to “au naturel”

  1. BK Says:

    Great blog! You are so up to date on the the communications. You have not tried a Jheri Curl…that ay be the style you have been looking for.

    Love ya!


    • dknytx Says:

      That’s one option! 🙂 We’ve got to register for sheets and stuff anyway.

      • CK1 Says:

        I think you are headed down the right path. The cury look you are sporting is cute. Start to show it off more now so that it’s not new on your wedding day. It’s long and natural now…. stop hiding it. Also, have you considered a “straw set.” That’s when a beautician sets your natural hair with straws…. It gives your natural curl some structure. Beware… you must wrap your mind around big hair. I think it will look great on you!

  2. CK1 Says:

    oh yeah… it looks better as the curls fall. It’s wonderful for working out. How do I know… since I am a slave to the relaxer??? Landa told me. She knows a few people that are currently wearing the straw set and working out religously.

    • dknytx Says:

      Yeah, the curls go well with working out which is why I’ve been wearing them…don’t stick your hand in there, you may never get it back! I’ll have to look into the straw set…does it take a long time?

  3. Yolanda Neal Says:

    The blog is great. I wish I was able to do this for my weight loss journey. Not that computer savvy. The hair thing, straw sets are good, and maybe just a rod set. Then it may not be as big and curls hang a little better. But it will give a a fuller more thicker look. Watch out for the flat iron, maybe to stressful on hair.

    • dknytx Says:

      Oh you should Yolanda…I would read it!

      I set it on rods now and like it ok. Is blow drying better than flat ironing? I don’t need it bone straight, just enough to roll up. I still work out and everything, so it gets sweaty and nappy and whatnot.

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