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from ABC News December 30, 2009

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Check this out…got it from over at Chocolate Brides.  It’s a news story about why Black women aren’t getting married, even though we are…but that’s a discussion for another time.


2 Responses to “from ABC News”

  1. Michelle Says:

    interesting…so it paints a picture that black women are beautiful successful but lacking marriage, and it talks about black men being trifliing, undeducated, in jail, etc.

    Negativitiy, not positivity, I am surrounded by friends and family who are of the african american persuasion who are married and have stayed married. Journalism always takes a small segment of society and blows it out of proportion. I still try to grasp Steve Harvey being a relationship expert, I half read the book, because it came to a point where I did not agree with some of his ideas, they didn’t fit in the spiritual beliefs I had.

    I am going to keep my head, and keep being me, God’s blessings will come when they are suppossed to:)

    Marriage is marriage no matter what the race, hey who knows just the other day I was thinking to my self, if I married a Greek man I could enjoy gyros, lamb, and spankopitas(sp?) so much, which I love lol!

    • dknytx Says:

      That reminds me of one year I attended an FCA camp as a coach and one of the other coaches told me how surprised he was at how “well spoken” I was. And I didn’t get mad, but told him about how I need a lot of “well spoken” Black folks and he actually fought me on that. Of course his interaction with Black folks was very limited…I feel the same way about this Nightline thing. They focus on that (real) particular segment of our culture w/o looking at the other side.

      And Steve Harvey…isn’t he on his third marriage now?

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