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on sale December 25, 2009

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Getting something on sale is a wonderful thing…it makes me very happy.  Which leads to this pic of our lovely Christmas tree.

I bought this house in the summer of 2008 and realized quickly that the super cute tree that I’d want would give me a small stroke if I had to pay all of that money for it.  So I waited and just didn’t put one up last year and waited for after-Christmas sales.  I got that tree for $20 (original price: $300) and all of the ornaments were 75-90% off! I got ornaments that went for $6 and $7 for $1!  Even though it was a year ago, that fact still makes me smile.

So this should explain why spending so much money for a wedding day is still a bit of a struggle for me.  I’m admittedly cheap frugal and I like to get nice things (sometimes very nice things)…I just don’t want to pay full price for them.  So my nature tells me (and it knows!) that everything goes on sale at some point…you just gotta wait.  I think I’ve done pretty well so far and plan on having the best wedding for The Mister and I…and that means it’ll be perfect.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Eat too much, take a nap, and eat too much again!


anticipation December 24, 2009

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We’re in the advent season, which is when Christians are supposed to look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Sidenote which my potentially bar me from Heaven: imagine if Mary’s virgin birth happened today.  Would Joseph be on Maury Povich for DNA testing?  Would they put baby Jesus’ picture up next to Joseph’s on a split screen to see if they look alike?  Then Maury would get the little envelope and say, “Joseph, you are NOT the father!” and Mary would run off the stage crying and Joseph would holler, “I told you!”.

Oddly enough, there’s a lot more to that bouncing around in my brain, but this post is about the wedding version of advent.  There’s lots of anticipation involved with getting married…who’ll RSVP “yes”, will everything turn out how we’d envisioned it, will the food be yummy, will people dance, will someone act a fool and embarrass the family, will there be a “love connection” at the reception?  So much to look forward to!

And beyond that, after the wedding there’s the anticipation of what married life will be like…what will it be like to introduce The Mister as “my husband”, will the honeymoon go smoothly, how long will it take me to call myself Mrs. The Mister, and the biggie: what does it feel like to be married.  Then houses and kids…and more houses and more kids!  Whew…so much to look forward to!


we didn’t start the fire December 23, 2009

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It’s The Mister’s birthday today!!  Yay!

There are many candles on his cake today (hee, hee…I’m sure he’ll read this), so I plan on removing the fire alarm so we don’t have any issues.

My birthday comes after the wedding.  Maybe I’ll feel like my family members who’ve got Christmas birthdays (The Mister, my mom, my niece, & sis-in-law’s sis)…a bit slighted.

Anyhoo, I’m off…chat with ya later!


aaahhhh…organization December 22, 2009

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As Baloo (from The Jungle Book) says, it’s all about the bare necessities.  And these are my wedding planning necessities.

At top left, the organizer and budget planner.  Essential at the beginning of this process as I tried to wrap my brain around just how much we could spend.  Also, it’s full of questions to ask vendors…and I ask all of them.  Sometimes I feel badly for them…but I still ask.  Not only is it an organizer and planner, but its got file folders built in (!) so that I can keep all receipts together.

Top right, the book that makes my mom happy…my Emily Post etiquette book, or how not to piss people off and write super authentic thank you notes.

The bottom book is my baby…my idea book.  Though I love Mt. Bridal Magazine, I can’t (and I don’t want to) do everything, so I clip ideas out of magazines and put them in there.  It’s helpful to keep me focused on what my vision for our wedding is and it’s also nice to show to people so that they know what’s going on.

For whatever reason, my employer is still requiring that I work during the planning process, so organization is key and these help me a bunch.



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That’s Princess Tiana…the first Black Disney princess.

I’ll bet that a lot of folks didn’t understand the significance of this…it’s just another cheesey Disney movie (FYI…I love cheesey Disney movies), right?  Well, when you grow up playing with Barbies (that are White) and dolls (that are White) and watching Disney movies with (White) princesses…you start to think that this “princess” thing isn’t for Black folks.  Maybe even this “pretty” thing isn’t for Black girls.

This is kind of how it feels with the wedding industry…you don’t see Black ladies getting married, getting to be a princess for a day, so…?  It’s like that old cliche, if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear…did it really fall?  How about: if a Black couple gets married and there’s no record of it…did it really happen?

According to most experts, our nation’s about to become a lot browner and blacker…can the wedding industry continue to pretend as if we don’t exist?  As if our dollars aren’t still green?  As it we’re insignificant?


side effect December 21, 2009

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One of the cooler things about getting married is how excited others are for us.  People are always asking me how things are going, guys mock sadness for The Mister…it’s pretty fun.  I love hearing other ladies’ wedding stories and getting all sorts of offers for help.  It’s a very cool thing.  I always make a point of asking married folks about their secrets to success…it’s never what you think it is!  I haven’t gotten the same piece of advice yet.

We want this wedding to be a community endeavor.  It’s about the two of us obviously…but also about the family and friends around us who’ll be our support system.


reception centerpieces December 20, 2009

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As I’ve said before, I enjoy my wedding magazines.  They’re an addiction, maybe one day I’ll put up a picture of Mt. Bridal Magazine.  I can justify it though, because I got this idea for our centerpieces from a British wedding mag so that totally makes my magazine consumption worthwhile.

Anyhoo, these cute little containers are representative of what I’ll use for our centerpieces.  I’m ordering flowers wholesale, but I really wanted real flowers and I want a lot of flowers…so wholesale is the way to go.  It took me a few trips to antique shops (where the owners would without fail ask why I was buying so many of these things), Goodwill & Salvation Army stores to get enough for all of the tables.  And since they’ll double as favors for the guests, I needed enough for them too.  After one of my (many) trips to get more of these, The Mister was finally like, don’t you think you have enough?  I have, well, a lot of them.

What’s that I hear?  That’s the voice of reason…stop going to the store Dawn.  But I’m excited about these cute, little containers.  I like that they’re all different and not all matchy-matchy.  I think that they’ll look beautiful (bee-you-tee-ful!) in the old Victorian mansion where we’re holding our reception.

Anyhoo, I’ve got two major DIY projects.  One is for the ceremony and we’ll talk about that later and the other is doing flowers for the wedding and reception.  That means bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and ceremony site.  A wonderful do-it-yourself with the bridesmaids!  There are lots of wholesale places online…and I’ve heard that Sam’s and Costco also have fresh flowers.  I haven’t checked into it, but I’ve also heard that they’ll special order flowers as well.

I love flowers.  They make me smile.  I know that’s stereotypically female, but it’s true.  So I decided early on that it was worth the expense of getting nice, real flowers.  Then I saw how much florists were charging and I put my thinking cap on.  I realized that I didn’t need someone to make the flowers look pretty…they’re flowers!  They’re already pretty!  I just needed flowers…and lots of them.   So I’m doing the wholesale route and the flowers (with those snappy-looking containers above) will be the only decorations for the reception site.

I look at other people’s wedding websites and they’re doing/building/creating all sorts of stuff…surely we can put some flowers in containers and make bouquets and whatnot.  Right?  Right? So, in my efforts to have a sane, practical, and fun wedding…this all seems to fit that criteria.