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weddzilla post January 31, 2010

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Have you and your honey talked about the first kiss?  Is it weird that I’m thinking about it?  I don’t want people gasping at the inappropriateness of our kiss…but I don’t want it to be a friendly peck either.  I mean, I was a French minor in college (no really, I was!), but I don’t know if our kiss should be of that nationality.  Check out what I wrote about it over here.


after the wedding

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So…I hear that I should be planning for an actual marriage as well as this wedding.  Who knew?

We haven’t decided whether or not we’re going to do formal premarital counseling with our pastor or anything, but we definitley want to open up the lines of communication about some of the hard stuff that comes along with real life.  The plan is to spend an hour a week going through the different topics covered in these books.  And look how happy that couple is in the pic on the cover…I want to be happy like that.  And surely if we do the activities in the book, we’ll be all happy and giving piggyback rides and whatnot.

Have you and your honey decided on counseling?  If you are, what are you doing?  If not, are you doing something like this?


better together January 30, 2010

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So I was listening to Fabolous the tonight while working out (let’s not analyze why I was listening to Fabolous, especially old Fabolous…focus people!) and he’s got a song that I just love.  This is the chorus and it makes me think of The Mister when I hear it:

I’m a movement by myself
But I’m a force when we’re together
I’m good all by myself
But baby you, you make me better

It really reminds me of us.  We were both doing fine before we met…jobs, houses, investments…all good stuff.  Doing our thing as they say.  But put us together?  Baaabay, it’s something special!  I think about us and our relationship a lot (obviously, if a rap song made me think of us) and I get pretty emotional about how awesome he is and how awesome we are as a pair.

Do you ever think about your future hubby and get all fuzzy inside?


weddzilla post January 29, 2010

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My wedding magazine addiction is alive and well.  As a matter of fact, even though the planning process is basically finished (the planning, not the doing!), I’m still buying them.  Even though there’s no women of color on the covers…no, not one.  There’s a pic with this post where you can click on thirty wedding magazines (*embarrassed*) and see just what I’m talking about.


gather ’round folks…

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…and experience the wonder of The Amazing Dawn!  She’ll regale you with slight of hand that will leave you speechless!

Check this out…it’s just a normal candle stick holder, correct?

And this looks just like a regular, everyday candle holder as well, yes?

And how about this plate?  It looks similar to what you ate dinner on last night, doesn’t it?

Now, watch closely as The Amazing Dawn transforms these simple items into…

…cake stands!

Isn’t that awesome?!  All I need is some of this:

I’m super excited about this do-it-yourself project because it’s allowing me to save money…and it’s all about saving money!  I’ve got the cupcakes coming from the baker, but my mom is making her world famous cheesecakes and we’ll need to display them in some way.  I looked around at antique stores, Goodwill stores, second-hand stores and they were crazy expensive for the amount that I needed, so this seemed to be the best route to take.

If you think that those pics look like they were taken in my office, then you’re right.  If you think I didn’t show everyone in my office this great project…you’re wrong!  How cool is this?  All from the Dollar Store and I got everything I needed for $16.

You can go here if you want more instructions.


rehearsal dress? January 28, 2010

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We’re having an informal (think pans of pasta on long picnic tables) rehearsal and dinner for those involved in the ceremony.  I’m thinking of this dress from Anthropologie:

Thoughts?  Yes…no…maybe?


to whom it may concern

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I am well aware that my wedding is four months away, so your email this morning was not appreciated….it actually added a bit of unnecessary stress to my morning.  Since you all seem to want to be so helpful, why don’t you pop over this weekend and help me address some invitations?  Or how about you guys run over to Home Depot and pick up the materials for my chuppah…that’d be sweet and really save me some time.  Thanks dudes!

Aside from actually helping me with my to-do list, I’d also love it if you refrained from sending me stress-inducing emails.  Seriously.

Thanks for understanding,



weddzilla post January 27, 2010

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Wanna see my super cute, not at all old lady looking, corsages?  Huh, huh, do ya?  Well, go on over here!


a fly in the milk

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Remember I wrote about how I won a gift certificate for our cupcakes at a bridal show?  It was for $250 and that covers two hundred cupcakes, a topcake, and cake stands…awesome.

What I didn’t talk about then is that I was one of only a handful of minority women at this show…it was weird.  Even The Mister noticed…he started pointing out Black folks, lol!  Rude, right?

Here’s a pic I took when we were there:

Is this why women of color are so underrepresented in wedding industry publications?  Perhaps we’re not thought of as “players” in the wedding industry?  Or is it worse…do they not care?  They know we’ve got to spend our money regardless of whether we see folks that look like us.  What do you think?


weddzilla post January 26, 2010

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My dad died suddenly in 2008…exactly one month and one week after I met The Mister, so they never got a chance to meet.  It makes me sad and I wrote about it over here.