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coming to a post office near you January 4, 2010

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Hey that’s us!  We sent these stamps out with our Save The Date postcards and they’ve been a hit!  So many folks were wondering how we did it, thought the pic was cute, yada yada yada.

Like I said before, we’ve finally picked out (but not ordered yet) our invitation/reply card/thank you’s paper and envelopes so I’m pretty excited about that.  We probably won’t put our pics on the invitation & reply card stamps, but maybe on the thank you’s because they are a bit expensive and we’re trying to keep this thing under control financially.

Anyhoo, getting the STD’s (save the date’s…keep your head out of the gutter!) printed up at Kinko’s saved us a bunch of money, which…let us spend the money we’d saved there on our fancy pants stamps.  Now we’ll get the super fancy paper and envelopes online and again take them to Kinko’s and get them printed up.  This has been an area of incredible savings for us.


11 Responses to “coming to a post office near you”

  1. Totally love the stamps – too cute! Wish we could do that here in the UK!

  2. Kesha Says:

    Dawn you have great ideas! Thanks for doing all the leg work for us single gals who plan to “take that walk” someday.

  3. Amy Says:

    I love the stamps!

    • Rache Johnson Says:

      It’s me Rachel from Lakewood (well, don’t go there anymore, but anyway). I’m so happy for you – you look sooo happy! Well, I got married in July. 🙂 Thanks for sending me the link to this – it’s great to hear from you.
      Have a great week,

  4. These are so cute that I wanna cry! I love them!

    • dknytx Says:

      Thank you so much…The Mister was pretty proud of them too. I’d always hear him asking folks, “Did you get the STD?”…”did you see the stamp?” 🙂 It was cute.

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