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kicks January 8, 2010

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So I went up to the attic (it’s where I keep all the wedding stuff) to try on the wedding shoes for this picture, but then I noticed that I haven’t had a pedicure in a while and my feet are a tad jacked up.  Certainly no need to put that on the Internets!  So these are it…they’re cute.  Silver with some “diamonds” on the bow.  The heels are 2.5″.  I’m tall, but so is The Mister so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The good: I like them and they’re sassy (like my dress!).

The bad: I don’t typically wear heels, so my feet are gonna be hollering by the end of the service.

I figure I’ll need to get a pair of flats for the reception.  Don’t know what they’ll look like yet, but hopefully they’re sassy and cute too.


8 Responses to “kicks”

  1. So cute. I am highly in favor of these shoes.

  2. Britt Says:

    Very cute shoes! I too believe that I may be wearing shoes from my very own closet (but then again the Martinez Valero’s with my name are calling me, we’ll see what the budget says lol!!)

    **Beauty, love, frugality:

    • dknytx Says:

      Girl…got those from Nordstrom! I’m sassy, but not quite sassy enough for silver shoes. Except in the case where I’m getting married, because then I am sassy enough for silver shoes.

  3. Britt Says:

    Sigh, unfortunately we don’t have nordstrom’s in my neck of the woods and well my mom will have a coronary if I don’t wear white shoes and since my accessories are rather “couture” I will give in for her and even go shoe shopping with her, because heck, I mean their shoes and I love them!!

    • dknytx Says:

      Sounds like you’re getting the good end of the stick on that one! I live in the sticks…we don’t have a Nordstrom’s either, but we do have the internet. Me and the internet have become quite good friends lately.

      I think once I bought a tea length dress, my mom gave up. 🙂

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  5. […] still need shoes for the reception.  I’m wearing silver heels for the ceremony and that’s probably how long my feet will last in them.  Then it’s […]

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