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who’s a winner? January 10, 2010

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This girl!!  *clapping* *twirling*

I went to a bridal show with The Mister, his daughter, and her grandma this afternoon and let me tell you:  it was complete chaos.  Complete.  There were people everywhere.  There were vendors everywhere.  There were women everywhere.  And the few poor men in there looked miserable…except The Mister, who has his own business that might line up with the wedding industry so he was interested from a business point of view.

I’d read on another blog that the wedding industry loves the holidays (Thanksgiving thru New Year’s) because that’s when most ladies get engaged…and they must be on to something.  There were brides-to-be, moms, friends, sisters, nieces all over the place.  If you were female this afternoon, then I’m pretty sure you were at this bridal show.

I wasn’t even planning on going to this, but you know how sometimes others are so excited about something that it’s just plain nice to go along?  That was this situation.  We’re kind of far along in the planning process, so I was skeptical about actually needing to be there.

But guess what?

At the end of the fashion show (yes, there was a fashion show and I was happy to see that they had a Hispanic man & woman, a Black lady, and a plus-sized woman) I won a gift certificate for $250 for a wedding cake!  Woo hoo!  We’re not doing cake but cupcakes though…which turned out to be good, because the baker had four other weddings she’s doing on our wedding weekend.

$250 of free cupcakes means free cupcakes!  Plus, I just asked my mom to make two cheesecakes (turtle & sweet potato) because she makes the best cheesecakes known to man…even better than The Cheesecake Factory.  She’s the real deal!

Exclamation points all around!!  Yippee!!