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reception clutch January 12, 2010

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When I was visiting over Christmas, my mom was like, “so what kind of purse are you going to get?”  I was like, “huh”. (literally)  Then she repeated herself and I stuttered something about not realizing that I needed a purse.  Anyhoo, for those of you not in the know, you need a purse for makeup, cell phone, yada yada yada.

This one is from and I really liked it, but my shoes are sparkly and I thought I may be over-sparkly.  Then I found one on (which so many wedding blogs talked about that I tried to stay away just to be contrarian, but you really need to go visit if you haven’t gone) and bought it, but since it was there only one, they’ve taken the picture down.  But trust me, it’s beautiful.  Brocade fabric…classy, but still sassy.

Once it comes in the mail, I’ll put up a pic.

(I also ordered a headband and veil on etsy today too…clearly I had my nose to the grindstone at work!)


First smooch

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Scene from last night…

The Mister:  Are you watching another documentary?

Me: Yep!

The Mister: *sigh*

It was a really good PBS doc about the old school R & B singer Sam Cooke (which The Mister totally got into once he sat down and watched it!) where they detailed his (surprisingly short) life.  They showed Cooke’s wedding pic and his first kiss with his new wife and they looked like they were simultaneously swallowing each other whole…cheeks sucked in and everything.  Not a good look.

Me: Oh dear God!

The Mister: Ewww!

So that prompted a discussion between the two of us about what we’re going to do at the altar.  I said we should do a closed mouth kiss, he says we’ve got to show our passion for each other and proceeded to try to plant very wet kisses on me.

The Mister: Come on…let’s practice! *smacking smoochy lips*

Me: Get off me!

Have you thought about what you’re doing at your wedding?  I just can’t imagine planting a big, sloppy, wet one on him in front of everyone…his dad is our officiant!  The Mister won’t listen to me, maybe he’ll listen to you…help!