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the color issue January 14, 2010

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I figured since I spend so much time yapping about how there’s no Black folks in the wedding magazines, I should hype up the Brides that’s on the stands right now…t’s got lots of women of color in there.  This is how I was reading the magazine while The Mister was doing some work:

Me: Oooo, Black people!  *flipping pages*

The Mister: *silence*

Me: Another Black person!! *flip, flip*

The Mister: *silence*

Me: Wha?! An interracial couple! *flipping*

The Mister: Maybe that’s why it’s “the color issue”. *ba da bing*

Anyhoo, while this mag is the color issue, all of these wedding publications have a color issue…but for now, let’s celebrate a few pages of brown in a sea of white.

Here’s my fave magazine of all, and I should know…I have a diagnosed addiction to wedding magazines (not really people, it’s called hyperbole), so I’ve got a wide and vast knowledge of all things wedding magazine.  And here’s my favorite:

It’s a British magazine and guess what?  There’s more informative articles in it than there are ads…what’s up with that?!  Seriously, there’s actually more in these magazines about weddings and whatnot than there are people trying to get you to buy stuff.  What kind of crazy world are they living in across the pond?  There are great articles, awesome pictures, and tons of good ideas (and always a section for the grooms) in there.  I’d highly recommend these…since I keep buying them, I won’t use the singular.



4 Responses to “the color issue”

  1. Amy Says:

    I must go get that issue now! I was flipping through honeymoon brochures tonight and I saw not one person of color. I am not going to use these companies and I am going to call their customer service numbers tomorrow to discuss it…The lack of our representation really does make me sad 😦

    • dknytx Says:

      For real girl! When I was at the bridal show and there was a sea of people, I looked at The Mister and was like, “each of these ladies is spending at least $10k on her wedding.” That’s just crazy…why won’t they advertise to the ladies of color.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I found one more to celebrate, a black bride on the cover of New York Weddings! Just disappointed I never saw this one in the newsstands by me.

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