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post wedding brunch January 15, 2010

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Am I the only one who’s always tallying things up in her head?  I’m constantly adding how much we paid for the chapel and the reception venue and the photographer…yada, yada, yada to make sure we’re on track.  Anyhoo, though I’m anally detail oriented, I’m not keeping track of budget items to the penny…but I certainly know where we are and how much we’re supposed to spend and where we are in relation to that.

There came a point where I realized that we were doing pretty good and since we’re getting married on a Friday, we figured a big rehearsal/welcome dinner would be out with the traveling and whatnot.  So we decided that maybe we could do something after the wedding.  Then of course everywhere we called was booked (we’re getting married Memorial Day weekend) so I was kinda bummed.  But then I asked The Mister, “what if we went to my favorite spot for our after wedding brunch?”  He was down, so I think we’re going to:

Buffalo Wild Wings!  That’s right, I absolutely love this place and I think it’d be a great way to send our family and friends off…with wings & beer (or other tasty bev).  It’s different and a bit casual after our reception in a Victorian mansion, but it’s very us.


2 Responses to “post wedding brunch”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    mmm…sounds delicious!

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