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makin’ it up January 16, 2010

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There’s two things I wanted to talk about from my day today…okay, actually it’s three.

The first is that this picture was taken by some random lady at the mall today.  (you’ll see why that’s important later)

Second, I went to the mall today with the expressed purpose of getting makeup…for the wedding, but any other time I suppose too.  I intended to go with Prescriptives makeup because they have this program where they’ll create the foundation just for your skin…like they literally mix it up right there why you wait.  It’s pretty cool.  I’ve been using MAC, but their foundation is either too red or too orange so then I’ve got to just make it work.  I didn’t really want to do that for the wedding though, so off I went to the mall.  And since The Mister’s off in Vegas at his best man’s bachelor party (the BM’s getting married in July), I figured today would be a great time to spend a long time in the mall.

Anyhoo, Prescriptives.  I walk right up to the lady at the counter and tell her that I need some makeup.  She asks if I need foundation and powder and I say yup!  She then says that she doesn’t have bottles to make up the foundation.  I think, but don’t say, “isn’t that what you do here?.”  I say out loud, “but I need both.”  She just looks at me kind of crazy…and I look right back at her.  It’s like going to the donut shop (not that I know what that’s all about) and they don’t have any donuts!

I leave.

On the way out of the store, a Clinique lady (there were many, many of them!) sidles up next to me and asks if I’d be interested in some makeup.  I say all chipper, “that’s just want I came to the mall for!”  I got the full treatment: foundation, powder, blush, all sorts of eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.  Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup usually, I felt like I looked like Homie the Clown (remember him from In Living Color?)…but then I remembered that folks always said that you should wear lots of makeup on your wedding day so that you don’t look washed out in the pics.  And from that picture above…they’re right.  I’m wearing a mess of makeup and you can’t really tell.

The last thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I clearly need to work on my smile.  I want it to be less:  HEEEEYY Y’AAALLL!  HOW YOU DOOOOING? And more: Why hello there ladies…however are you doing this lovely evening? And that was just cheesin’ at some lady I didn’t even know at the mall…how fired up am I going to be after the wedding?  That smile’s going to be all teeth and no face if I don’t watch it, lol!  Maybe I should practice.