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i think i’ve figured it out January 17, 2010

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What, you ask?

I figured out why all of the fancy pants wedding sites and blogs — while absolutely lovely — ring a little hollow.  Most of the photos on those sites are just of the bride and groom.  Maybe with the wedding party.  I even saw the bride, groom, and a horse.  Typically also, they’re full of pictures of the details of the wedding: centerpieces, surroundings, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.

And all of that is great as long as us brides-to-be realize that these sites are there to give us ideas that we can fit into our budget at our weddings.  What sometimes happens is that we feel like our weddings are competing with those fancy pants wedding blog weddings…but those aren’t really weddings!  Where’s mom…and dad…and crazy Uncle Lou who always drinks too much…or the fam doing the Electric Slide?  They’re not there…because those sites aren’t about presenting a well-rounded view of what a wedding should be (the brides never have shiny skin, no one’s ever eating in those photos, nary a nervous bride or groom to be caught on camera, you get the picture…hee, hee–picture), they’re about presenting “the wedding” as perfection.  The princess for a day bit.

So let’s keep it real ladies, I don’t want all of my wedding day pictures to be of me and The Mister, all posed up and gorgeous (though if I could pull off “gorgeous” that day, it’d be splendid!).  I want the pictures to reflect everyone there, in all states (supercute, mouth open mid-sentence, sweaty from dancing too hard, tired from dancing too hard)…proving that the wedding accomplished what it was supposed to: bringing both of our families and friends together for a great night of fun.


3 Responses to “i think i’ve figured it out”

  1. Hear hear! That’s what it’s all about. You. Him. The People.

    Everything else is the icing on the cake. It’s so easy to get sucked in and sweat the small stuff.

    Great post. x

  2. […] was about my conspiracy theory that the wedding vendors and bridal magazines are in cahoots, and I Think I’ve Figured It Out talked about not getting caught up in the pretty pictures and feeling badly about your […]

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