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weddzilla post January 20, 2010

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Check me out over there…writing about Wedding Workout 2010.  I’m on week three now and I can honestly say that I’m not painfully sore.  Progress!


back to school

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Me:  Hey, I’m thinking of taking this flower arrangement class. *showing him the community college brochure*

The Mister: Why?

Me: Remember me and the ladies are doing the flowers for the wedding…

The Mister: You need a class for that?

Me: *heavy sigh* Unless we want the flowers to look like crap, yeah.

The Mister: *sensing he’s somehow taken a wrong turn* You should definitely take that class…and that lady sure does look happy.

Me:  I think you’re right…I should take that class.

So yeah, I’m taking a flower arrangement class.  Not because I think I can’t do the flowers myself (with help from my ladies of course!), but because I’m hoping to feel more comfortable about it.  We’re doing the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces…all of it.  How-to’s are all online on YouTube, but I figure I’ll be able to chat up our teacher and tell her what I’m doing and she can give me some insider info.  Plus I’m ordering the flowers wholesale, so I’m also hoping to ask her (I’m just assuming it’s a her, I suppose it could be a him) opinion on how I should go about doing that for our area.

And The Mister’s right, that lady does look happy…and who doesn’t want to look super happy?