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rapunzel January 22, 2010

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I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my hair journey from relaxer to flat iron…and all of the stops in between.

Once The Mister asked me to marry him, I had a freakout about my hair.  How would I wear it?  What style?  Long or short?  Because remember, I’d just chopped off my hair a year earlier, so it was pretty short…so many options!  Then I decided that I’d focus on growing it out and if I wanted it short, I could always cut it…but I’d better put the time in to grow it out just in case.

Enter the vitamins.  Now, I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, so don’t go out buying these vitamins and get all mad if your hair doesn’t grow.  All I’m saying is that my hair has grown and gotten thicker with these.  Take that for what you will.  Whenever The Mister asks about the vitamins, I just say, “long, lustrous hair!”  Not, “I want long, lustrous hair for the wedding.”  Just…”long, lustrous hair!”

The Mister: Do you really need to take all of those?

Me: Long, lustrous hair!

The Mister: How’s the hair coming along?

Me: Long, lustrous hair!

The Mister: What are all of those vitamins for?

Me: Long, lustrous hair!

I take one of each of these a day: fish oil, multi, hair/skin/nails, 1k mcg biotin, 5k mcg biotin.  I’m the O.G.: Original Googler, so I looked up a mess of information on growing hair and whatnot and this is the cocktail that’s been working for me.  I was taking two of the 5k biotins and was having trouble sleeping, so off I went to Google…and of course, this can be a side effect.  That’s how I ended up with the 1k.

My hair’s pretty long now, but I keep it curled and pinned up so that it’s not rubbing against my collar and breaking off.  I went to this website a bunch for tips…and no, she’s not sponsoring this post or anything…and no, I haven’t bought any of her products…it’s just a good site.  It’s called “Grow Afro Hair Long” and she talks about how to wash, straighten, braid your way to long hair.  I don’t do everything that’s on there, but it’s got lots of good tips.

I’ll keep you updated and good luck out there!

(Long, lustrous hair!)