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and baby makes three January 23, 2010

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I would assume most of us soon-to-be-wives have thought about the wee ones.  Am I wrong?  That’s me and my dad up above…how cute am I?!  This is what I think of when I think of kiddos.

I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about family and there was a young husband and wife on talking about their son Tom who was born transgender and preferred to be called Thomasina.  The pain in their voices was palpable. They were expecting one thing and got something altogether different.

Have you and your fiance talked about kiddos?  What happens if they’ve got some sort of birth defect?  I always am amazed at how few children are born and everything turns out fine.  There are forty six chromosomes and if just one of them is wonky, something could happen.  How would you and your future hubby handle this?  Or what if you and the future Mr. You have trouble having kids at all…that would be tough, no?  Is adoption an option?  Surrogacy?  Empty nest?  These are things we don’t talk about before we get married…maybe we should.

I can’t imagine the strain that things like this would cause on a marriage.  I suppose that the “for better or worse” they talk about, huh?  How have you guys talked about family planning?


2 Responses to “and baby makes three”

  1. Kayce Wooton Says:

    Heah, what a nice website you have. I found it on Google while looking for some newborn baby stuff. Thanks and good luck.

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