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weddzilla post January 26, 2010

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My dad died suddenly in 2008…exactly one month and one week after I met The Mister, so they never got a chance to meet.  It makes me sad and I wrote about it over here.


peace, dude

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I’ve always been the different one in my family.  We’re a pretty prim and proper bunch, not really deviating from the center line too much…and then there’s me!

Me: I’m thinking about starting a compost heap…

The Fam:  *turning up wrinkled noses* Why?!

Me: *visiting the fam* Do you recycle? Where’s your recycle bin?

The Fam: Yeah…it’s called “the garbage”.

Me: Do you know how much energy dryers use?  I use the clothesline as much as I can!

The Fam: *sigh*

Me: Yeah, I really try not to eat meat from industrial farms…it destroys the soil, uses to much oil, and is really bad for the animals.

The Fam: *walking away*

They think I’m this dude, lol!:

And I suppose I am in a way, but these beliefs (that there’s a better way to eat and live than we do) is something I wanted reflected in our reception.  I wanted food that tasted good, looked good, and most importantly…came from a good place.

There’s a store here in town that’s run buy a nice lady who is also a chicken farmer.  She’s got agreements with other local farmers for other meats, veggies, and whatnot…it’s all local and organic and I love it.  And she’s doing my reception!  I know the knock on organic is that it’s too expensive…well check out what I’m getting for the 150 guests that we’re expecting:

Appetizers: veggie trays, cheese trays, Mediteranean trays (2 each)

Dinner: pulled pork sliders, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, mac & cheese, greens (hors d’oerve stations)

Nibbles (out during dessert & dancing): cajun shrimp cocktail, fruit trays, bruschetta (2 each)

All of the plates, silverware, cups, napkins, etc., and two people who’ll act as servers

Remember the reception will be held in an old Victorian mansion and the food will be placed throughout to encourage mingling.  Cost of all of that food?  $2000.  For 150 people to eat a local and organic meal!  Yippee!!

I’m not trying to push my way of thinking on other folks, but I certainly think that this reflects The Mister and I pretty accurately…and I’m sure my family wouldn’t expect anything less.