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rehearsal dress? January 28, 2010

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We’re having an informal (think pans of pasta on long picnic tables) rehearsal and dinner for those involved in the ceremony.  I’m thinking of this dress from Anthropologie:

Thoughts?  Yes…no…maybe?


10 Responses to “rehearsal dress?”

  1. Erica Says:

    Thanks for being such a frequent visitor to my blog. That’s a cute dress. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because when I was getting married I loved shopping for my rehearsal dress. Actually a fashion editor had some great advice about rehearsal dresses on our blog last year. Maybe it’ll be helpful to you and some of your readers:

  2. courtnee Says:

    i bought this dress to wear to a dinner event with one of my daughters. i love it and think it would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner.

  3. Terese Says:

    thanks for visiting and all your recent comments on my blog! finally getting a chance to read and catch-up on yours!

    love this dress, by the way!

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