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to whom it may concern January 28, 2010

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I am well aware that my wedding is four months away, so your email this morning was not appreciated….it actually added a bit of unnecessary stress to my morning.  Since you all seem to want to be so helpful, why don’t you pop over this weekend and help me address some invitations?  Or how about you guys run over to Home Depot and pick up the materials for my chuppah…that’d be sweet and really save me some time.  Thanks dudes!

Aside from actually helping me with my to-do list, I’d also love it if you refrained from sending me stress-inducing emails.  Seriously.

Thanks for understanding,



6 Responses to “to whom it may concern”

  1. I so feel you on this. I’ve had to cancel my knot account, it was getting sooo annoying and so not helping!

  2. Jeana Says:

    LOL, that is to funny!

  3. Tiffany In Houston Says:

    Why didnt you tell me that David’s Bridal spams the sh*t out of you!! OMG I can’t take it!!!

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