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after the wedding January 31, 2010

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So…I hear that I should be planning for an actual marriage as well as this wedding.  Who knew?

We haven’t decided whether or not we’re going to do formal premarital counseling with our pastor or anything, but we definitley want to open up the lines of communication about some of the hard stuff that comes along with real life.  The plan is to spend an hour a week going through the different topics covered in these books.  And look how happy that couple is in the pic on the cover…I want to be happy like that.  And surely if we do the activities in the book, we’ll be all happy and giving piggyback rides and whatnot.

Have you and your honey decided on counseling?  If you are, what are you doing?  If not, are you doing something like this?


4 Responses to “after the wedding”

  1. Cord Says:

    We’re doing premarital counseling once a month for 6 months prior to the wedding with our Pastors. Other than that, we have a packet similar to these books that we do whenever we have a chance, usually on Sunday evenings, asking each other tough questions. It’s amazing to see how similar we are but also eye opening to see how different are views are on certain things. I love it! Formal or informal I think EVERY couple should do some sort of counseling.

  2. Erin Says:

    As a counselor, I think premarital counseling is a wonderful idea. I’m not engaged yet, but I think learning yo communicate well as a couple is SO IMPORTANT. My only reservation with pastors is that most of them are NOT TRAINED as counselors. You need to discuss your values surrounding children, finances, roles and responsibilities, not just “wives submit to your husbands”. I suggest finding a counselor that suits you.

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