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weddzilla post February 28, 2010

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“Etiquette” says that The Mister and I are  “supposed” to spend between $600 and $750 on tips.  I’m sure you can tell by my use of quotation marks that I don’t agree…that’s just kooky if you ask me.  Another $600?  To people I’m already paying a more than fair wage?  Hmmmpft.  I don’t think so.  Click here if you want to figure out what your tips are “supposed” to be.


my new fave! February 27, 2010

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With all due respect to the new Michael Jackson film, this magazine is it!  I’ve been wondering why wedding magazines don’t focus on what life will be like after the wedding…I mean that’s the whole point right?  I know that I’ve become inexplicably obsessed with napkins, ribbons, and per person costs…but I also understand that the wedding is only one day.  There’s real life after May 28th.

I went to Borders to see if there was a wedding magazine that I didn’t already own (*embarrassed*) and this was the only one.  Just take a moment and think about all of the bridal magazines at the bookstore and try to wrap your brain around the fact that I own all of them.  I have a problem.  But my addiction has yet again yielded results in the form of Shape Bride:

Since it’s Shape magazine, there are lots of articles about working out and whatnot.  Of course about dieting:

But what I loved was the real talk!  About how to handle finances:

About what it’s like in the bedroom after “I do”:

And wonders never cease…a Black bride!  Who knew women of color were getting married?!

Overall I’d give this magazine two thumbs up…it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!  I’m so excited that there’s a brides magazine that’s speaking about more than color palettes and heel height.


*sigh* February 26, 2010

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I’m not even gonna lie…I miss The Mister.  I try to play all tough, but I’m out of town on a business trip and I’m kind of at a loss.  Watching TV’s not the same unless I’m sitting next to him.  Playing around on the computer isn’t the same without him making a joke at the expense of one of the many wedding  blogs I frequent.  I’d really love to snuggle up next to him and watch a movie.

I know it sounds like a sad, country song…but it’s true.  What’s even sadder?  I just saw him this morning and will see him again tomorrow…it’s just an overnight trip, lol!  I suppose that old cliche is true: absence does make the heart grow fonder.



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I go back and forth.  On what you ask?  On whether or not I should cover up the tattoo on my foot for the wedding.  It’s not an offensive tattoo (it’s a Celtic cross as a matter of fact), but still.  I happen to like the tattoo, I think it’s pretty…but it is a tattoo on my foot that will be visible for everyone to see.

Did you know that you can get stage makeup that covers up tattoos?  Well you can!  Over here:

What say you?  Cover it up or let it all hang out?


money honey February 25, 2010

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I can’t be the only one tripping about how the finances are going to work after we’re married…right?  Have you and your hubby-to-be talked about it?  Here are a couple posts from married folks.  This one is called Your money, His money, OUR money…it’s got lots of comments about what people are doing.  This other post is talking about financial infidelity, or when one person spends the couples money without informing the other….like Scooby Doo says, “ruh roh!”

How do you plan to handle your finances?  And married ladies, how are you guys doing it?  And what would you do if y’all had a joint account and your hubby went spending all willy nilly without talking to you about it first?  And how am I gonna get used to having to talk to someone first before I spend money?  Yikes!


hair flair

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I just ordered these on Etsy…don’t know which one will look better with my hair color and my skin.  I didn’t want white or ivory…just not my style.  I want something in my hair, but I don’t want to be talking to people and see their eyes drifting upward to wonder what’s that large white thing in my head.  These were ten dollars each, so I don’t feel too bad about ordering two.

The one on top looks reddish, but it’s supposed to be brown…obviously the one on the bottom is black.  I think they’re pretty cute and subtley sassy.


weddzilla post February 24, 2010

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Sometimes I think about what married life will be like…but not nearly as much as I think about the wedding.  I don’t think that’s a very good thing.  Have you and your hubby-to-be talked about how you’ll be as a married couple?  This post is about wanting things to be more about marriage and less about the wedding…and my struggle to decide what being married means to me and to our relationship.  Check it out here.