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plus one February 1, 2010

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We had a local graphic designer do all of our stationary (STD’s, invites, reply & thank you cards, programs) and they’re super cute.  It’s kind of a crazy, not-at-all-weddingy design that really didn’t lend itself to one majorly important piece of information that needed to be distributed to the guests…how many folks each guest is expected to bring.

Besides the expense of it, our reception venue maxes out at 150 people, so we can’t have people showing up all willy nilly.  But I was so happy with our invites & reply cards the way they were designed, that I decided to put an insert into the invitation that will let the guest know how many they can bring with them.  It’s actually just a plain old business card that we’ve put the info on:

You can go visit Soulful Engagements for ideas on how to word this.  I just know that I didn’t want to be spending my time and energy calling people and telling them, “sorry, I know you wanted to come with three other folks, but you can’t…see you soon!”  Awkward!  I’m hoping that this helps solve that problem.


9 Responses to “plus one”

  1. Wow, I love that design! I think it’s definitely a good idea to make it perfectly clear that only “x” number of chairs will be reserved. I anticipate that we’ll get some add-ons. This seems like a great way to prevent (or at least minimize the likelihood) of unexpected guests.

  2. Cord Says:

    Very nice! Love the colors! Oh the drama of uninvited guests…*sigh* the joys of wedding planning!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Very nice! And thanks for the shout out!

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