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tale of the tape February 4, 2010

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Here’s my newest bridal magazine purchase.  I know you’re thinking, “Dawn, if the lack of women of color in the wedding mags bothers you so much, why don’t you stop buying them?”  I’m going to need you to stop being logical, stop making sense, and go with me here.  Thanks, dude.  Anyhoo, newest magazine bought…March 2010 Brides:

I had the bright idea while working out this morning that I should count to see how many women of color are in this magazine and then write about it.  Now I am completely aware that the eyeball test doesn’t always work, that I can’t always tell just by looking that someone is a minority.  Sidenote: I used to coach a biracial young lady who looked White (she had fair skin and long, blonde hair) and she would always laugh at people’s faces when she’d hug her Black mom…folks really had no idea.  So I get it, women of color come in all shades and I could miss something by not knowing the models’ background.  End of disclaimer.


“Bride”: she’s all by herself on the page.  “Bridesmaid”: they are by themselves on the page, no bride or groom.  “Bridal party”: bridesmaids with bride and sometimes groom.  “Bride & Groom”: bride & groom with no others on the page.  “Of color”: Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.

Here are the numbers:

Total pages in the magazine: 394

  • # pages with White bride: 182
  • # pages with bride of color: 6
  • # pages with White bridesmaids: 40
  • # pages with bridesmaids of color: 0
  • # pages with White bridal party: 24
  • # pages with bridal party of color: 13
  • # pages with White bride & groom: 29
  • # pages with bride & groom of color: 4

Total pages “White”: 275

Total pages “of color”: 23

I counted a page as a bride of color and a White bride if they were occupying the same ad.  If there were multiple pics on one page (like this one below), I only counted it once.

Clearly, this wasn’t the most scientific study, but interesting all the same.  In an age where articles are titled, Marriage Is for White People, I’m concerned about the images that are out there.  Do little girls of color not see themselves getting married in their future because they don’t see images of ladies that look like them getting married?  Or is the wedding industry not putting images of women of color in their mags or on their blogs because they really don’t think we’re getting married?

What do you think is going on?


10 Responses to “tale of the tape”

  1. Wow. I never even thought about that, being a white person and all. That is really sad and really not right.
    I’ve seen some magazine in Asia that don’t have white people, but they are catering to an audience, especially the Indian bridal mags – totally different culture.

    You should start a bridal mag for women of color. I bet it’d be a hit.

  2. Ms. Chouette Says:

    oh wow indeed! I mean, I knew that they aren’t many people of color in bridal magazime but seeing the numbers is just sad.

    Sad enough, many magazine of color did not do well… AT ALL! It goes to show you that (answering your question) maybe people associate weddings/beautiful wedding with white people.

    Hopefully, our kids don’t grow up thinking mariage is not for them just because they don’t see wedding models that look like them. I know I didn’t!

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