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chapel February 5, 2010

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Hey y’all!  I’d shown you my reception venue earlier, remember?  The gorgeous Victorian mansion that I’m super excited about?  So I figured I post some pics of the chapel we’re getting married in…and be warned, I’m camera challenged.  For as much as I like to take pictures, I’m awful at them.  It is what it is.  *shrugging*

Anyhoo, pictures!  I took these at an orchestra concert that was being held at the chapel, so you’ll have to use your ‘maginations to picture a wedding taking place there.

Entrance, arches are a theme throughout:

Side door with stained glass:

Balcony…trying to decide whether or not to decorate up here:

Finally, the stage where we’ll set up our chuppah and get married!:

I love all of the pretty arches throughout the chapel, the stained glass, the pipe organ, the stone inside & outside of the building…it’s super pretty there.  This place was built in the 1840’s, so it’s got a lot of character.