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it’s super sunday! February 7, 2010

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And The Mister and I are pulling for different teams.


How can I not?  I lived in Houston when Hurrican Katrina hit and I remember our city being one of the first stops for a lot of New Orleans folks.  And besides, everyone loves an underdog, right?  Well, apparently not because The Mister’s going for:

The Mister went to college in the city where the Colts coach is from and since he’s a Black dude, The Mister’s turned into Malcolm X and is all power to the people.

Who are rooting for?


weddzilla post

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I’m not crafty…but I am cheap, lol!  And I asked my mom to make her super yummy cheesecakes for our reception…check over here to see how I’m solving the cake stand problem.  Didn’t know there was a problem with cake stands?  Well, there is!  They’re ridiculously expensive…unless you do it my way.