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it’s all connected February 8, 2010

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So yesterday after church, The Mister and I stopped off at the grocery store because I needed a couple onions and green peppers for gumbo I was making and he wanted to pick up some chips and salsa for a Super Bowl party we were going to.  Then I saw them…the world’s largest sweet potatoes!  I don’ t know if they were technically the world’s largest, but they were super huge.  I ran over to them all geeked up and this is the convo The Mister and I had:

Me: oh my goodness, you have got to take a picture of me holding one of these!! *showing him ginormous sweet potato*

The Mister: why? Are you putting it on your blog?

Me: yep!

The Mister: what does that have to do with our wedding?  Why would you put that on the blog?

Me: *noticing that he still hasn’t taken the picture* I’ll think of something, just take the picture!

The Mister: *heavy sigh because this was supposed to be a quick trip* There’s no way that a big sweet potato has anything to do with wedding planning or marriage.  *takes camera*

Me: *smiling and holding up sweet potato* Sure it does!  People will say, oh look how much fun they have together!  They enjoy each other even when they’re at the grocery store. *putting potato down after pic*

The Mister: no they won’t, they’ll feel badly for me because you’re making me take pictures of you in the grocery store.

Me: *giggling* maybe, but you’ve got to admit, that’s one really impressive sweet  potato!

Judge for yourself:

It’s bigger than my head!  Now aren’t you happy that I posted this?  And don’t you think that we’re destined for marital happiness because The Mister  indulges my silliness?