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weddzilla post February 9, 2010

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We’re about three months out and I’m. Getting. So Excited!!!!!

I can’t believe we’re getting so close!  I wrote about the anticipation of the wedding and bringing all of our family and friends together back in December, but now it’s really starting to resonate.  The Mister and I feel that the wedding isn’t really about us (I mean, it is…but it’s not), but rather it’s a reason for all of the people that are near and dear to us to be in the same space…like a family reunion.

I’m. Getting. So. Excited!!!!!


it’s fitting…

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…that since Lent starts next week, that I’ve been having come-to-Jesus moments with myself.  There’ve been many, but the most recent is this whole rehearsal dinner clutch issue.  Besides the fact that I own entirely too many (very nice!) purses, I still want to buy another one even though I have plenty that would look nice.  I wasn’t fired up about reusing a purse (I know that sounds silly, but it’s true), then I remembered I’d gotten a cute clutch for Christmas…and the lady who got it for me would notice that I was wearing it and be super fired up about it.  Here it is:

I got super close to it so that you could check it out…it’s a recycled magazine!  So it fits with what we’re trying to do with wedding in keeping it organic, green, and local.  Plus it fits me because it’s just a bit different.  And it certainly fits within the budget…like that credit report song says:  f-r-e-e that spells free!

What’s that?  You say that you’d like one of these?  Well, click here and you can see bags made from newspaper, yellow pages, juice boxes, seat belts, VHS tapes…all sorts of stuff!