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bachelor party? February 11, 2010

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Have you seen this movie?  It’s ridiculous in its funniness.  I’ll admit to having a somewhat juvenile taste in movies, especially when it comes to comedies, but this one is a classic.  The premise is four friends go to Vegas for a bachelor party and chaos ensues…I actually cried because I was laughing so hard.  If you haven’t seen it…see it.

So, the bachelor party.  What do you think?  For it?  Not so much?  Have you and your sweetie talked about it?  Early on The Mister and I talked about it and decided that if he wanted a Vegas bachelor party, then he should have him a Vegas bachelor party!  I trust him (I don’t know if I’d trust whatever knuckleheaded friends he’d take with him), I know that he loves me (but beer goggles know no boundaries), he’ll have a blast for sure (plus he’d hate me if I pouted about him going), and probably most important to him…his boys won’t think he’ s a punk.

But you can’t plan for crazy.  And from what I understand, crazy is what Vegas specializes in.

Still…I’m in.  If that’s what he wants, then he should go for it.

What are you and your honey doing about the bachelor party?


4 Responses to “bachelor party?”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    I don’t mind one way or another if he has a bachelor party or not. I don’t care if there are strippers even though I don’t even think he’d want any!! I trust him and want him to have fun and just do whatever he wants to do. The Hangover was FUNNY wasn’t it!!!

  2. Tracey Says:

    I don’t think my boyfriend (hopefully future husband) will want strippers at his Bachelor party simply b/c he strongly dislikes the thought of having any men at a bridal/bachelorette party of mine. I’m not too concerned about it either way, and since we are Christians, strippers seem more like a wordly indulgence and not the right way to celebrate our commitment to purity throughout the courting process.
    RE the movie- Although I do admit that I also entertained this seemingly “juvenile” and plain silly movie, I thought it was hilarious.. up until the ending. The fact that there was a block of time where the audience did not know what happened, we just saw the aftermath was great…BUT some things should have been left to the imagination. The photographs that “filled-in-the-blanks” were wayyyy over-the-top for me. It actually left a bad taste in my mouth, which was sad, after all that laughter…

    • dknytx Says:

      I totally agree! The Mister won’t want strippers because he won’t want me to have them. He doesn’t go to strip clubs now, he doesn’t look at porn…I think I’m safe.

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