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weddzilla post February 12, 2010

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Did you know that you could put your picture on a stamp?  Did you know that if you put your picture on a stamp with your fiance, people think it’s super cute?  No?  Go on over here to check out what we did with our Save The Dates.


the problem dude’s have

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When the Sex and the City movie came out, I drug The Mister to it and he was legitimately the only guy there.  Whoops.  I liked the movie for the same reason that most ladies did…pretty clothes, pretty shoes, witty banter.  Plus, Carrie was getting married and that was so cool, even though I would’ve rather she’d married Aiden.

Anyhoo, after watching the movie (well before we got engaged), The Mister’s like “see, you ladies get all wedding crazy…it’s like you don’t even care who you’re marrying, just that you’re getting married.”  For those of you who didn’t see the movie (really?), Carrie got a little nutty with wedding planning and kinda forgot about Mr. Big.  He started getting stressed because he worried that she just wanted a wedding.  All he wanted was a life partner…not an extravaganza disguised as a wedding.

I wonder if that’s every guy’s worry…that they’re just filling in a spot.  Even though a lot of us haven’t, I think guys still think that we’ve all been dreaming about weddings since we were little girls.  That doesn’t leave much room for him to feel special, that we wouldn’t have said yes to some other schmo who asked us to marry him.

I wonder if this is why I’m trying to be so laid back about the wedding planning…I don’t want The Mister to think that I don’t value what our life will be together.  That it’s all about the wedding and not the marriage.

Check out this post by a woman who’s about to marry a man who’s on his third marriage (like Mr. Big!) and isn’t all that fired up about the details…and she’s not happy about it.  Sidenote: The Mister and I just went through a chapter of one of our premarital books and one thing that we both agreed on…don’t complain about me/us to other folks.


what would you do?

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Most of us are having sensible weddings, maybe not trying to be as tight, cheap, stingy, frugal as we are…but keeping track of the pennies nonetheless.  What would you do if you were this couple who just won $50,000 for their wedding?:

You can read their story over at Weddzilla.  What would change about your own wedding?  How would your mindset change?  Would you get a different dress?  Nicer stationary?  What things that got nixed due to funds would get added back on?

I don’t know what perimeters were put on them, but I’d fly in folks participating in the wedding if I would’ve won that contest.  They’re all coming from all over…bridesmaids (2 Floridas and an Arizona), my bro and his fam are in Texas and my mom is in Michigan.  If I could save them that loot, I’d feel good about it.

Less altruistically, I’d be less worried about our bar tab, so we’d go full open bar rather than limited…and kick in for cabs or shuttles or whatnot.  Maybe rent a Bentley or something for The Mister and I to get from the chapel to the reception site.  My gifts for those participating the wedding would be off the chain!

Think about it for a second…what would you do if someone gave you $50k that you had to spend for your wedding?