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what would you do? February 12, 2010

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Most of us are having sensible weddings, maybe not trying to be as tight, cheap, stingy, frugal as we are…but keeping track of the pennies nonetheless.  What would you do if you were this couple who just won $50,000 for their wedding?:

You can read their story over at Weddzilla.  What would change about your own wedding?  How would your mindset change?  Would you get a different dress?  Nicer stationary?  What things that got nixed due to funds would get added back on?

I don’t know what perimeters were put on them, but I’d fly in folks participating in the wedding if I would’ve won that contest.  They’re all coming from all over…bridesmaids (2 Floridas and an Arizona), my bro and his fam are in Texas and my mom is in Michigan.  If I could save them that loot, I’d feel good about it.

Less altruistically, I’d be less worried about our bar tab, so we’d go full open bar rather than limited…and kick in for cabs or shuttles or whatnot.  Maybe rent a Bentley or something for The Mister and I to get from the chapel to the reception site.  My gifts for those participating the wedding would be off the chain!

Think about it for a second…what would you do if someone gave you $50k that you had to spend for your wedding?


8 Responses to “what would you do?”

  1. Cord Says:

    Man oh man, congratulations to them! I dream of that happening to us daily….still dreaming!

    In any case, I would keep my wedding mostly the same, the church, the location, I would spruce up the decor a lot more and would change my wedding from a day wedding to a night wedding. Our honeymoon would be to Hawaii, Prague, Dubai or somewhere exotic like that. I would bless our Pastor with much more money that we can afford to give him, He and his wife have been amazing!

    Ummm, what else? I would definitely help my guests in regards to travel and I would hire a great videographer, I love my photographer, so I’d keep him the same.

    I can’t even imagine what else, that’s a lot of dough!

  2. A-L Says:

    Lucky them! Since I’m still in the infancy of my planning, I’m just theorizing about the areas where we’ll be cutting back. I’d choose a nicer reception venue, spend more on catering, pay for airfares and hotel rooms, have more (and more expensive) flowers, and then spend the rest on a fabulous honeymoon. And instead of just using the funds to go abroad (like we’re planning on doing) we’d upgrade from basic accommodations to something more plush and deluxe.

  3. Karen Says:

    I met the couple – her name is Virdina – at the party where they won (in DC) and they are about as cute and in love as can be! *Yay Black Love* I have been blog stalking them to see what they are planning …the prize is from the DC Green Wedding Consortium, for them and 75 guests it’s being held at this stunning historic house and includes her dress, makeup, hair, his tux, bridemaid dresses, catering, cake, flowers, photographer, intitations, videographer, a stylist, engagement photos, etc. An amazing win! The wedding is on Earth Day (around April 25th).

  4. Karen Says:

    OH! And if someone GAVE me $50K. I’d do exactly what we are doing for the wedding. I love my venue and my dress, but we’d have more events and activities for our guests over the weekend (Friday night meet and greet) and we’d pay for transportation and lodging. I’d also have a band instead of a DJ. and yes, we’d def upgrade the honeymoon accomodations and extend it to two weeks!

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