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this bud’s for you February 14, 2010

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I heart flowers.  I know it’s cliche, me being female and all, but I do.  They’re pretty, they smell good…they make me smile.  There was a guy at work who said he won’t get his wife flowers because they’ll just die and I was like, do you just eat rice and beans because “it’s all going to the same place” or do you like a nice steak or shrimp dinner every now and then? So I love Valentine’s Day because of the flowers.  The other day, my mom sent me these tulips:

So pretty and she sent a cute note about the next time I have pretty flowers in my hand will be on May 28th…she’s pretty fired up.  Then The Mister gave me some roses:

For our wedding, The Mister and I (or should I say the bridesmaids and I) will be doing our own flowers.  Since I love flowers so much, I knew I couldn’t afford the amount and quality of flowers that I desired by going through a florist, so I’m going through a wholesaler.  I’ll be able to do four bouquets, seven boutonnieres, six corsages, flowers for the chuppah, and all reception flowers (I wrote about it a bit here as well) for about $600.  Which, for our budget, is a lot, but like I said…I love flowers.  Here’s the flower breakdown:

  • 100 stems of roses ($60)
  • 60 stems of freesia ($60)
  • 6 blooms of gardenia for the corsages ($24)
  • 50 stems of sweet pea ($40)
  • 125 blooms of daisy mums ($30)
  • 50 stems of poms ($60)
  • 28 stems of lisianthus ($72)
  • a whole lot of baby’s breath ($24)
  • a whole lot of statice sinuata, another filler ($16)
  • a whole lot of ruscus, greenery ($39)

Ladies have been asking me what my bridal bouquet will look like…I tell them that I don’t know, I figure I’ll wing it when I see the flowers and put together a bouquet that strikes my fancy.  Those ladies look at me with pity…sometimes they giggle.  I miss the joke.  I also don’t know what the bridesmaids bouquets will look like, they can choose from the selection as well.  I kinda think that the boutonnieres will be similar but not necessarily exactly the same…I’m taking a class on how to arrange flowers, hopefully that helps..  The chuppah and reception flowers will be made up after that.  Seems simple enough to me.

But those ladies keep giving me that look.


8 Responses to “this bud’s for you”

  1. Patti Says:

    Okay, I’ll admit I kinda gave the screen a raised eyebrow when you said you werent sure what they’re going to look like.

    Obviously you have some clue, as you’ve selected a lovely assortment of blooms. They are going to be gorgeous together. My only concern is about you getting overwhelmed when you sit down to put them together. If I were you, I’d plot out some possible combos of flowers – the bouquets, the chuppah, and even the reception tables. Like an ideal idea and a back up idea.

    It sounds like you have a fairly relaxed floral vision, with the primary attribute being that they are pretty. I love it. I guess my thing is that you dont want it to look like all the arrangements were thrown together, ya know?

    I guess my thing is you dont want it to look like you were just working with whatever was leftover. It still needs to be cohesive

    • dknytx Says:

      I suppose I do have an idea…maybe it’ll be a rose bouquet, or maybe it’ll be more wildflowery. In both cases, I have an idea what I’d like them to look like…maybe it’ll become more clear after my arranging class.

  2. Terese Says:

    a lot of pretty and yummy-smelling flowers in there…can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  3. Cord Says:

    mmmmmm, Gardenias! (my fave)
    Anyway, $600.00 on flowers is AMAZING!!!! Everything is so overpriced in NY even in the floral district which is where I will be getting my flowers! Can’t wait to see pics of your final products!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    This combination of flowers sounds wonderful!

    I did my own flowers for my wedding, and have since become a wedding coordinator/floral designer. Based on my experiences, my suggestion would be to do a mock bouquet and centerpiece and count how many of each flowers you used. I do this for every wedding I do, to make sure I order enough flowers!

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