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wedding hair? February 15, 2010

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I saw this hair on Weddzilla and love it!  It’s not on an African American bride, but I think I can make it work.  More specifically, I think I’m going to ask my sister-in-law’s sister to make it work.  Check it out:

I figured it’d work well since I’m already setting my hair on rollers (they curled her whole head before pinning it) so it should work…I think.  Thoughts?


tale of the tape

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I’m back again with an “investigative report” on the number of women of color in wedding magazines.  Read this post so that you can understand how I came up with the criteria…you’ll also be able to read that I understand that skin color isn’t always subject to the eyeball test.

The magazine is the Spring 2010 “the knot”:

It’s the lookbook, so the ads overtake the magazine.  Here’s the numbers:

Total pages in the magazine: 504

  • # pages with White bride: 250
  • # pages with bride of color: 15
  • # pages with White bridesmaids: 55
  • # pages with bridesmaids of color: 5
  • # pages with White bridal party: 7
  • # pages with bridal party of color: 0
  • # pages with White bride & groom: 25
  • # pages with bride & groom of color: 5

Total pages “White”: 337

Total pages “of color”: 25

Allow me a moment of testiness to say that this bride is so smilingly happy because she lives in the bridal magazine suburbs…a gated community if you will.  I’m so happy to live in my white house, wearing my white dress, living in my white neighborhood here in “the knot”.

I suppose I’ll keep on doing my investigations, because the omission of women of color is clearly not an accident.  I mean, you can’t tell me there aren’t Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc. models looking for work.  And my bank account tells me that women of color are spending money.  So again I ask…what’s really going on?