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nailed down February 16, 2010

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These, my friends and neighbors, are my jacked up nails.  *sigh*

Dreadful, I know.  I don’t take care of them at all…I pluck at my cuticles, pick off any weird hang-y skin, and don’t even bother to file the nails themselves.  The most I do is to use clippers when they get unruly.  Even though in the summertime, I’ll get pedicures every two weeks, I don’t get manicures.  At work, I’m always using my hands and at home, I’m always in water or something non-conducive to pretty nails.

And this picture is the left hand which gets the expert work of my right hand, the other hand looks much worse…I’m not ambidextrous.

On the very rare condition that I have gotten a manicure, I just get the nails buffed so that there’s no nail polish to flake off immediately after it’s been put on.  I figure there’ll be pics of my hands during the wedding and reception, right?  And the state of my nails just won’t do, right?  How long do you think it’ll take to whip my hands into shape?