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step in the name of love February 18, 2010

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So I’ve told you that me and The Mister have been going through the pre-marital books and it’s good because it makes us talk about stuff we really don’t want to talk about.  But for my money, the best counseling is taking dance lessons.

The Mister and I went to a stepper’s ball on Valentine’s Day.  Like  “Step in the Name of Love” stepping.  But folks around here would call it Chicago-style stepping and will stop talking to you if you were like, “oh, you mean like R. Kelly?”…but it is.  Anyhoo, before the ball, they had lessons.  We went and we were awful, lol!  I’ve watched grown folks step all my life, but never learned.  We both thought it would be pretty cool if we could do some stepping at the reception.  But if that first lesson was any indication, we’ll have to nix that plan!

Stepping is a partner dance and like most, the man leads the show.  Well, Ms. Bossy here (ahem) had a bit of trouble with that.  So, the dance lessons showed me that I need to relax and let someone else run the show sometimes.  We also got to work on our communication skills, because we didn’t want to offend each other by saying the other was terrible…or not doing it right…or not on beat…whatever.  Plus, we were bad together.  I know that sounds funny, but it’s not like I was some great shakes and he was stumbling all over the place or vice versa.  We were able to bond over how badly we were dancing!

At the end of the night, I was so fired up to go to another class, because it was good couple time.  Has anyone experienced this?  Are you doing a special dance at your reception?  Have you taken lessons?


toot, toot…

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…that was me tooting my own horn.  I’m one of the “Best Black Bridal Blogs”…how cool is that?!  Should you desire, you can click here and vote for my blog in the poll.