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weddingy February 20, 2010

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Sometimes I feel badly that we’re not doing more traditional stuff, like people are looking for something that I just can’t give them.  Like folks will ask me what our colors are…and I tell them, but it’s always kind of apologetically because we’re not doing too much with the colors.  It’s not like everything’s going to be all slate blue and charcoal grey’d out.  Then people ask to see my ring, and I show them and they say, “oooh”, but with a question mark.  I’d asked for a flower ring and no diamonds, so I’ve got an amethyst ring shaped like a flower.  The Mister’s getting the wedding ring made at a jeweler and it will have some (conflict free) diamonds in it because he hated having to explain the lack of traditional bling…still shaped like a flower though.  Don’t even get started on the invitations…

So I was excited when our wedding-y napkins and ribbon came in the mail a couple of months ago.  They’ve both got our names and wedding date on them and I think folks will dig them.  Here’s the napkins that we’ll bust out for dessert:

Why are we using these just for dessert?  Because I’m hoping that they’ll just be more for show than anything…if they were for dinnertime, folks would be putting those napkins to work.  Think of these napkins as the 4″ stilettos you bust out when you’re trying to be sassy…they aren’t for serious walking.

And here are the ribbons:

We’ll wrap these ribbons around our reception centerpieces that will hold our flowers and will also double as favors.  Remember that our reception is being held at an old Victorian mansion, so we don’t have to do any other decoration!  Seriously.  It’s amazing.

What are you doing for favors?  Are you putting your name on stuff at your wedding or reception?


3 Responses to “weddingy”

  1. Amy Says:

    I just made a post about our wedding favors! We are donating to an orphanage in Nigerian in the name of each of our wedding guests and giving the wedding guests a lapel pin with the American and Nigerian flag on it. I’m a community service and volunteerism nut so it reflects my personality perfectly!

  2. […] mess of those things left!  *shaking head*  Though the ribbon that’s on this same post, Weddingy, was pretty awesome.  We used it to hang our pew balls (flowers) and on our reception favors.  […]

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