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For you DC-ers out there February 22, 2010

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Sounds like a good party…if you live in DC.  Which I don’t…but if you do, check it out.  I don’t know if there’s a cost.  I checked the page with all the whosit, whatsit, whysit info and couldn’t find anything…check for yourself and see what’s up.  Clearly I fell down on my Weddzilla poster duties in not knowing exactly what the deal is…I just know if you click on the link, it’s got everything you need.  Even a way to RSVP!  And there’s a silent auction…I love silent auctions.  It’s all in the timing folks…all in the timing.


invitation stamps

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We’re getting close to having our invitations ready to send out.  By “close”, I mean we have the invitations and have done nothing with them and somehow think that they’ll address themselves.  Anyway, I’m gonna get my stuff together (famous last words!) and get to writing out addresses.

Last night I ordered our invitation and reply card stamps on Zazzle.  I’m a fan of this company and used them to put The Mister and I’s beautiful mugs on our save the date stamps.  Wanna see those?  Click here.  Those were a hit with tons of folks, so when I told The Mister we won’t do that for the invitations, he was disappointed.  It was fun to see him smile all big when people complimented us on the stamp and I would think, he’s into this whole “wedding” business.  I think we’ll do them for our thank you card stamps (with a pic from our wedding), but those things are expensive!  They’re like garlic…a little goes a long way.

I had to take screen shots of my laptop to show these because the site wouldn’t let me copy the picture.  Here’s the reply card stamp:

And this is what we’ll use for the invitation outer envelope.  These folks are actually an African American couple, not just literally the color black.  For whatever reason, the color didn’t translate too well, maybe if you click on it you can tell…  Anyhoo, here you go:

Our invitation envelope is a metallic chocolate color and the reply card is a metallic copper…paper is gold linen cardstock.  I’ll put up pics and cost info on those later.

Give me the goods on your invitations!  Colors? Are you addressing them yourself or hiring out? Formal or casual? Letterpress?  Sidenote: my mom is stressing over the casual nature of our invitations.  I kind of feel badly for her because she’s trying so hard to be nice and be supportive, but she just doesn’t like our invites.  The best she could come up with was, “those sure are interesting” and “people sure will be talking about those”, lol!