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facebook friends February 23, 2010

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This article is in this month’s Essence magazine…talking about how Facebook is tough on relationships.  Full disclosure: I’m not on Facebook.  People keep asking me, but I guess I don’t get it.  I suppose it’s nice for staying in touch with folks and whatnot…but enough of my friends and The Mister are on it that I can keep up with everyone I know through them.  And according to this article, maybe I’m on to something!

Basically, it says it’s TMI for new relationships.  You meet dude out, he seems cool, y’all chat all night, exchange numbers, he calls (that night!) and y’all talk some more.  Promising, right?  Until y’all friend each other on Facebook and you see that he’s got a lineup of hussies as “friends”.  Or that he’s got some, um, interesting insights.  Just little stuff that’ll extinguish a burgeoning fire.  Or you go crazy and stalk him on Facebook and try to figure out who’s commenting on his page and who exactly she is to him…no mystery.

She also talked about married couples who stopped being “friends” so that there wasn’t jealousy over something that’s innocent.  It all sounds a bit kooky to me.

Are you on Facebook? Are you friends with your honey? Have you ever gotten stalky on Facebook?


4 Responses to “facebook friends”

  1. I am on Facebook, in fact that’s where we initially met. We have had some discussions about some dicey comments when we first started dating, in particular on his page since he is friends with a lot of women from high school but it calmed down immensely once people saw my picture plastered all over his page and has pretty much stopped once we got engaged. In fact, he friended all of my friends..LOL!!

  2. Frugalista Says:

    I didn’t friend my man on facebook for a while. I didn’t see the point. While he was overseas he friended me for some odd reason and I accepted. I mostly ignore him on facebook and vice versa. We don’t do too much commenting on each others pages for the most part.

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