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money honey February 25, 2010

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I can’t be the only one tripping about how the finances are going to work after we’re married…right?  Have you and your hubby-to-be talked about it?  Here are a couple posts from married folks.  This one is called Your money, His money, OUR money…it’s got lots of comments about what people are doing.  This other post is talking about financial infidelity, or when one person spends the couples money without informing the other….like Scooby Doo says, “ruh roh!”

How do you plan to handle your finances?  And married ladies, how are you guys doing it?  And what would you do if y’all had a joint account and your hubby went spending all willy nilly without talking to you about it first?  And how am I gonna get used to having to talk to someone first before I spend money?  Yikes!


6 Responses to “money honey”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    Definitely something to talk about before you tie the knot. We are going to do a joint account for joint bills/household expenses and maintain our individual accounts for our own fun and bills. I have already come up with a budget so he’ll know exactly how much of his pay check is supposed to go into the joint saving/checking and it will be an auto transfer. He can do what he pleases with whatever is left over. That’s the plan anyways!!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    We don’t have any hard and fast rules but we basically make sure we have the money to pay the bills from a joint account and then whatever is left over from our paychecks we can spend how we want. And if it’s a big ticket purchase we’ll usually just check in to get the other’s opinion. It’s worked so far.

  3. I am in charge of paying the bills. So I ask him for a certain amount each month and he can spend whatever remains as he wants and I can spend whatever remains on my end as I want. We have connected banking accounts, but seperate accounts. We have never had the “why did you spend that much” conversation. As long as the bills are paid, who cares?

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