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appropriate? February 26, 2010

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I go back and forth.  On what you ask?  On whether or not I should cover up the tattoo on my foot for the wedding.  It’s not an offensive tattoo (it’s a Celtic cross as a matter of fact), but still.  I happen to like the tattoo, I think it’s pretty…but it is a tattoo on my foot that will be visible for everyone to see.

Did you know that you can get stage makeup that covers up tattoos?  Well you can!  Over here:

What say you?  Cover it up or let it all hang out?


4 Responses to “appropriate?”

  1. Frugalista Says:

    It’s your wedding and your tattoo. I say let it shine!! Who cares.

  2. Courtnee Says:

    i have several tattoos and while i love them my dad…not so much. i am covering them up on my wedding day as a gift to him.

    that being said, i’m usually in them “eff em” camp.

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