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*sigh* February 26, 2010

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I’m not even gonna lie…I miss The Mister.  I try to play all tough, but I’m out of town on a business trip and I’m kind of at a loss.  Watching TV’s not the same unless I’m sitting next to him.  Playing around on the computer isn’t the same without him making a joke at the expense of one of the many wedding  blogs I frequent.  I’d really love to snuggle up next to him and watch a movie.

I know it sounds like a sad, country song…but it’s true.  What’s even sadder?  I just saw him this morning and will see him again tomorrow…it’s just an overnight trip, lol!  I suppose that old cliche is true: absence does make the heart grow fonder.


2 Responses to “*sigh*”

  1. Cord Says:

    That’s precious! That’s how it should be…if you didn’t miss him, then we’d be concerned ;~)

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