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I think I know the answer March 31, 2010

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This is $20.

I think it’s pretty cute.

But I don’t need it.

Is this a waste of money?

A monogrammed bouquet holder?


Dear married people, March 30, 2010

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Please feel free to be honest with us single/engaged ladies about the realities of married life.  While surely I have no clue about what it takes to make marriage work (since I’m not married yet), I kinda think that it’s your job to help us out.  And not just the good stuff either, Honcho…but the stuff that had you and your hubby talking through gritted teeth last night.  Because the problem with you painting this rosy picture of marriage is that I feel like the crappiest person ever when The Mister and I have the occasional tiff.  Like, ohmygoodnesshowarewegonnastaymarriedifwedon’tevenagreeonthis?!

But then God sends folks into my life that bless me to no end.  Why? Because they’re honest.  They’re honest about their ups and downs and that they still are madly in love even though they fight.  They’re honest about their disagreements…which they don’t mind having in front of The Mister and I.  They’re honest about saying that with the stress of planning a wedding and trying to become a married couple that they didn’t really like each other all that much at their rehearsal dinner…and they told each other so!  Their honesty works because they honestly respect, appreciate, and love one another.

So, as you can see married people, we can (contrary to what Jack Nicholson thinks) handle the truth.

Thanks dudes,



weddzilla post

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Don’t know about y’all, but an open bar was a pretty essential part of our wedding planning.  But an open bar at a hotel or reception hall is crazy expensive.  Go and read here about how that one choice led us to our reception venue.  Did you guys have any early choices that drove major decisions?


they’re ready… March 29, 2010

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…for the post office!

The invitations will go out today!  Is it weird that I want to take them to the post office myself?  Like hand them to the lady behind the counter?  The Mister giggled when I said wanted to take them and hand them over to a person and not just drop them in the box, but for whatever reason it makes me feel more comfortable.



cheesy, I know March 28, 2010

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So we’re exactly two months out now.  I feel like things are going as they should…but what the heck do I know, lol?!  Even better news is that I tried on my dress and it fits now, so Operations Get Buff and Get Tight are working well.  As a sidenote, when I tried on the dress at the shop, I asked about a little pouf in the back…by the butt.  I was like, is it supposed to be like that?  And the dress lady was like, no, but this dress doesn’t exactly fit you.  Well, dang lady.  Hmmmppft!

I love putting together workouts, so now that Operation Get Buff is officially over after twelve weeks, it’s time to up the ante on Operation Get Tight and here’s my new workout book.  I put together workouts all of the time and find that it’s pretty inspirational to put sayings and quotations on the cover.  For this one, I put on stuff that reminds me of The Mister and what we’re about to do:

Here’s the cover…

Here are some of the stickers that remind me of how I feel for The Mister:

What motivates you to work it out like a rock star?  Or to keep grinding trying to get the details of the day together?  I find that not only does working out help me fit into my dress, it keeps me sane.  I feel like the reason I’m not stressing and freaking is because I’ve got an outlet through working out.  What’s your outlet?  How are you gonna keep from going nutty right before your wedding day?


Vows March 26, 2010

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In the early stages of planning, I cut out a clipping of vows that I liked from a magazine…can’t remember which, remember I own over thirty five wedding magazines.  It’s in one of them!  Then The Mister came home from work one day and someone was talking about their vows…and ours were crazily similar.  He was talking to a Hindu dude and these are the vows that they say.  If you click on the link, you’ll see that my hackles were probably raised a bit by the first vow…but the style, the back and forth, and even the sentiment of the remaining vows were the same.  So we’ll come up with some that reflect who we are without being too weird.

You can click on the pic and see what it says for yourself, but here it is, Heidi & Nigam’s (whoever they are, lol!) vows:

Both:  I promise…
Heidi: Not to talk when you are driving and we are lost.
Nigam: To help you find your glasses when you can’t see.
Heidi: To make everyday a fresh start.
Nigam: To dance on command like a trained monkey to the theme music for House.
Heidi: To be compassionate.
Nigam: To try to see things from your point of view.
Heidi: To support you in whatever you choose to do.
Nigam: To support you in whatever you choose to do.
Heidi: To try to see the big picture.
Nigam: To try to focus on the details.
Heidi: To stand by you.
Nigam: To pick you up whenever you fall.
Heidi: To lean on you when I need help.
Nigam: To ask you for help.
Heidi: There is nothing you can’t tell me.
Nigam: I promise to let you in.
Heidi: To grow with you.
Nigam: To do something special for you everyday.
Heidi: To try not to hold grudges.
Nigam: To watch craptastic movies with you.
Heidi: I promise to love you.
Nigam: I promise to love you.
Both: And if you break any of these promises, I promise to forgive you and move on with our life together.

I really like the idea of these, the conversational tone, the promises to each other.  I think we’ll probably pass on the jokey stuff and stick with the sappy, sentimental stuff though.  Have you thought about vows?  Are you going traditional or writing your own?  I’ve heard bad stories of TMI with folks who write their own, so I’m trying to be cognizant of that as we think about writing ours.


weddzilla post March 25, 2010

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I don’t know if you knew this, but (and this may surprise you) an actual marriage takes place after the wedding.  I know…crazy, right?!  So, armed with that knowledge, The Mister and I have been going thru premarital workbooks.  It’s great, sometimes we feel good after it…sometimes not so much.  But we’re always happy that the book made us talk about the hard stuff.  I wrote about it over here.