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follow me… March 1, 2010

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…down the rabbit hole for a moment.

  • The CDC says that 56% of Black women have been married…and 77% of Hispanic women.
  • The US population of Blacks & Hispanics sits at 28%.
  • 28% of 304, 059, 724 (the US population estimate by the census) is 85,136,722.
  • Since that number is men & women and I’ll assume that only one side of a couple is paying for the wedding, let’s halve that to 42, 568, 361.
  • 56% (# of Black women) of 42, 568, 361 is 23, 838, 282.
  • 77% is 32, 777, 637.

Are you still with me?  I’m going somewhere here…I promise!

  • So 56, 615, 919 people of color are paying for weddings.
  • If those people all had $10k weddings…that’d be $566, 159, 190, 000 spent on weddings by people of color! That’s billions playa.

Obviously, some weddings will be way over that $10,000…and some will be under, so that number is just a guess.  But imagine the economic impact of those dollars.  So when I do my unscientific studies on the numbers of women of color in wedding magazines like I did with The Knot and Brides where the lack of women of color is staggering…I wonder what’s going on.  We’re spending money on vendors and sites just like everyone else…but I don’t get to see brides who look like me in the mags.

I don’t have any answers, but I’ll keep on preaching my “put more women of color in bridal magazines” gospel.