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i can see clearly now March 3, 2010

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You know those cheesy movies with the predictable outcomes?  I usually like those because I can rest my brain for a little bit.  This is a familiar scenario I’m sure: uptight young lady meets and falls in love with carefree scamp with heart of gold.  And in the movies, how do you always (I mean, always) know that the female is uptight?  She’s wearing glasses, of course, and probably has her hair in a tight bun.  She could be the class nerd, or the librarian, or even a teacher…but all she needs is a little attention from the previously mentioned carefree scamp and off with the glasses, shake that hair out of the bun baby!  Who knew there was a hottie underneath there?

So yesterday I asked The Mister to take a picture of me so that I could post it on the blog.  Actually, I didn’t ask…here’s how the convo went:

Me: Take a picture of me!

The Mister: Why?

Me:  I want to put a picture of my glasses on the blog. *trying my sexy librarian pose as he takes first pic*

The Mister: Why don’t you take your own pictures of your glasses?

Me: Because I want to be wearing them so I can show my sexy librarian pose.

The Mister: *laughing out loud because I said sexy and librarian together* Oookay.

Me: *trying not to laugh and hold on to my sexy librarian pose* Please hurry!

Then we both giggled a lot.

I’ve got two pairs of glasses that I wear, this is the orange one.

And this is the brown pair (it’s got green on there too)…a little more subtle:

I really like both pairs of glasses and I wear them most of the time.  But I ebb and flow with it, I’ll go through phases where I wear my contacts a lot too.  It’s just that now I’m out of contacts and hadn’t really thought about it until The Mister asked how come I didn’t wear my contacts anymore.  I told him I was out, but then I thought about what I planned on doing for the wedding.  I’d always planned on wearing my contacts, so I made an eye appointment so that I could get new ones.

Has anyone thought of wearing glasses for their wedding?  Glasses are pretty “me” right now, but what if I go on a contacts kick and have all of these wedding pics with me in glasses?  Do ladies ever wear glasses to their weddings?  Hmmm…I feel like I saw that that singer Lisa Loeb wore glasses at hers.  What do you think?

Sidenote: I still don’t chemically straighten my hair.  That ‘do is a bantu knot twistout…it’s great for after workouts and stuff.  Put the knots in at night and wake up with cute wavy hair.  YouTube it, there’s lots of videos out there.