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weddzilla post March 4, 2010

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We’re doing our own flowers rather than using a florist.  I feel like it should be okay…flowers are pretty, how could I mess that up?  Then I have this feeling that I’ll find a way, lol!  Did I mention that I don’t really have a solid idea of what the bouquets will look like?  Yeah, I don’t. But I’ve ordered a ton of great flowers and am feeling good.  Click here to see the kinds of flowers we’re having.


5 Responses to “weddzilla post”

  1. Diasporique Says:

    Tulips are so pretty! And best of all, foolproof. There are some interesting videos on how to make your own bouquets online; I think these two complement each other:

  2. Frugalista Says:

    I am going to a florist next week to see what they can do for me but I am planning to only spend about $300. I only need 5 bouquets max (including mine) and 5 boutonniere’s for the bridal party. Sounds like a fun project for you. I’m sure you will pull it off!

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